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Affiliates place a lot of focus on the quality of the traffic they buy, finding the best campaign structure, and the offers they work with. While all of these are of the utmost importance, moving into the world of mobile affiliate marketing is the natural
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Welcome our new partner – Trackerry, an advanced ad tracking platform.  Trackerry is not “just another tracker” their goal is to offer something qualitatively different from current products on the market. The tracker allows you to spend 90% less time on routine tasks. It is
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With print media and other forms of advertising becoming almost obsolete, many companies have turned their attention to digital advertising. By running real-time bidding campaigns, these businesses hope to get the most out of their marketing budget and see a positive return on investment. As
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In a day and age where the top affiliates are always trying to hunt down the best industries, nutraceuticals remains one of the geese that consistently lay golden eggs. Although this vertical has been around since the early days of affiliate marketing, it remains one
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We are all familiar with the term “summer sales” mainly thanks to the retail industry. This phrase is now applicable to every industry, making summer one of the most important seasons for marketers around the world. And, as you can imagine, affiliates are no exception.
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Dear Advertiser,We would like to announce that we fully moved all RoxyFoxy activity to ActiveRevenue!* Larger adult inventory!* New fresh platform!* More ad formats available!  We will make sure to transfer your current balance to your new ActiveRevenue account upon request.Sign up for ActiveRevenue today
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The dating industry is one of those evergreen verticals that constantly has stellar offers with above-average payouts. After all, people are always looking for their other half, which means that you can find a lot of dating platforms in every continent.  But, it’s also a
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Becoming a successful affiliate marketer goes beyond earning a good reputation. The best affiliates in the game have the ability to adapt and can work in a variety of industries without compromising their results. These individuals also master the succinct art of choosing the best
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Friends who share are the best!  Invite your friends and get a 10% bonus based on their activity! What will they get out of it?  20% bonus on the first deposit!  For more information contact your Account Manager.
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Seasoned affiliates have the ability to produce amazing creatives and write alluring ad copies. But, the truth is that building a great campaign requires deep knowledge and understanding of the targeting settings you have available..  By implementing the right targeting strategy, you can give your
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Pop-under ads were created for desktop computers, but they have slowly made their way to mobile devices. Today, this ad format is used by beginner and experienced affiliates alike, and for good reason. It gives new marketers a great chance to learn the ropes and
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Affiliate marketing emerged in the mid-1990s and it has become one of the most popular forms of advertising since its inception. Today, 4 out of 5 companies work with at least one affiliate in order to improve the performance of their marketing strategy, and for
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