Ad Zero Click Domain Redirect Zero click traffic, also known as domain redirect traffic, can help advertisers launch ultra-targeted campaigns with stellar ROI metrics. Suitable for almost all industries, this type of traffic performs extremely well in various GEOs and languages, making it one of the top formats in the market. Create Campaign
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Benefits Zero Click

  • Extremely high relevance – zero click traffic consists of visitors who are actively searching for content online, which results in ultra-engaged audiences.
  • Suitable for all GEOs and country tiers – domain redirects occur in every country and language, so it’s ideal for all regions and country tiers.
  • Superb performance metrics – from CTR to conversion rate and ROI, zero click ads deliver superb performance metrics if leveraged properly.
  • Non-disruptive – instead of hindering user experience, domain redirect ads can give users access to relevant content even after misspelling a URL.
  • Can have full commercial intent (as well as informational) – domain redirects can be used to distribute information, generate leads, and produce sales because their intent varies.

How to Zero Click Work

Domain redirect traffic is generated when users attempt to find a website, but misspell the name in the URL bar. Through our network, you’ll be able to run campaigns using the most popularly misspelled sites, which in turn allows you to engage with users that are actively trying to find something.

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What Verticals Work Best with Zero Click?

• Gambling, Casino and All Formats of Betting
• Sweepstakes and Surveys
• Utilities – VPN, Antiviruses, etc.
• Non-Adult Dating
• Finance, Cryptocurrency and Binary
• Job and Employment Services
• News and Entertainment
• E-commerce, shopping

Launch a Successful Campaign!

A parked domain is a web address that doesn’t have a website, email address, or brand associated with it. There are many reasons why a domain can be parked, but it usually points to the fact that the previous webmaster doesn’t have use for the address any more.

Redirect ads, also known as zero-click ads, are adverts that appear on websites that users access by mistake. When a user is looking for a site it’s very common to misspell the name of the site. Publishers can take advantage of this by acquiring commonly misspelled addresses, placing ads on them, and making these placements available to interested advertisers and media buyers.

In simple terms, redirect ads target users who are ultra-engaged and actively looking for something. Not only this, but this format allows for large-scale creatives and can be used for a huge range of verticals, making them a great choice for all members of the affiliate ecosystem.

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