Ad Push Notifications Push notifications are one of the best ad formats available because they look like regular device notifications when they are delivered to users. This improves open rates and click-through rates, while increasing the chances of generating conversions. At the same time, push notifications take up very little space on publisher platforms, allowing for further monetization opportunities Create Campaign
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Boost Your Mobile Apps' Performance with Push Notifications!

  • Unmatched ad visibility – push notifications are the only ads that are delivered to user devices in the same way as other alerts, which gives them unmatched visibility.
  • Creates a sense of urgency – alerts on smartphones and desktops are often read right away, creating a sense of urgency in your ads.
  • Advanced customization options – these alerts can be customized to your audiences in order to yield better results.
  • Higher CTR than other leading formats – because they appear like regular device notifications, push alerts have a much higher CTR than other formats.
  • Billions of potential users worldwide – there are billions of smartphone and desktop users in the world, all of which have the potential of opting into push notifications.

How do Push Notifications Work

Before receiving push notifications, users have to give publishers permission to send out these alerts by opting in. Once the request is approved, publishers are allowed to send out notifications that showcase new services, products, offers, and other types of promotional content. Users are more receptive to these messages because they appear as other notifications, which produces better results.


What Verticals Work Best with Push Notifications Ads?

  • Cryptocurrency and Finance
  • Sweepstakes, Coupons, and Freebies
  • Gambling, Casino, and All Forms of Betting
  • Health, Beauty, and Nutra
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile Games and Utilities
  • News and Entertainment

Launch a Successful Push Advertise Campaign!

Push notification ads are a form of advertising where ads are displayed in the same way as other device alerts. Available for both website and mobile traffic, this format is known for building strong connections with the audience because they look and feel familiar. This, in turn, makes them perfect for gaming, finance, dating, and other popular verticals.

Before users start receiving push notifications, they receive a request from the sender. Once they opt into this request, users start receiving notifications from the sender, which appear on the same screen as text messages, system alerts, and similar notices. But, keep in mind that users can opt out at any point, so your push notifications need to be valuable and sent at the right time.

Push notifications are extremely effective because they mimic other types of device alerts. In simple terms, users are more likely to open an alert and pay attention if they don’t have any preconceptions about who is sending it and where it came from. Push notifications allow media buyers to do this, making this format one of the most effective in terms of conversions and sales.

Push notifications are ideal for almost all verticals, including news, entertainment, dating, sweepstakes, giveaways, ecommerce, travel, health, nutra, finance, and even mobile apps. Just remember that all audiences are different, so running split tests from the early stages of your campaign can exponentially improve your results.

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