Ad Pop Pop Pop advertising is among the most effective formats because they allow for large-scale creatives while being suitable for a wide range of verticals. Furthermore, this ad format is also among the most cost-effective, making pop ads one of the best ways to build large-scale campaigns. Create Campaign
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Profit From High-Quality Pop Ads Traffic

  • Enhance user experience – pop unders can be used to enrich the user experience by delivering ads that are related to the content that the audience is currency viewing.
  • Ideal for promoting large-scale creatives – pop ads give advertisers a huge amount of space to develop attractive, large-scale creatives.
  • Higher ROI than many other formats – even though they have been around for some time, pop ads still have a higher average ROI than other formats.
  • Non-invasive – unlike other formats, pop unders don’t interrupt user experience because they appear behind the visible screen.
  • Highly targetable – pop unders can be targeted by keyword, GEO, language, and other variables in order to get the best results.

Popunder Ads Run on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Simply put, pop ads remain a favorite among advertisers and publishers because this format produces high ROI for all stakeholders. Despite the fact that they have been around for some time, pop under ads remain effective because they do not interrupt the user experience, but enhance it by delivering engaging content once users are done browsing.

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Top Verticals that Thrive on Popunder Traffic

• Finance, Cryptocurrency and Binary
• Gambling, Casino and All Formats of Betting
• Utilities – VPN, Antiviruses, etc.
• Nutra, Health and Beauty
• Mobile Content
• Gaming
• Job and Employment Services

How to buy CPM and CPA popunder traffic?

Pop ads are a type of digital advertising format where a new window is deployed when a user triggers an ad. There are two main types of pop-ads, which are pop-ups and pop-unders. The main difference is that pop-ups appear on top of the screen that the user is viewing, while pop-unders are deployed below the screen the user is on. Therefore, the latter doesn’t compromise the user experience.

Pop-unders are used to generate web traffic and conversions. This ad format is suitable for a huge variety of verticals, including gaming, dating, sweepstakes, and technology retail sales. Furthermore, because it doesn’t compromise the user experience, pop-unders are an excellent way to boost lead-generation campaigns.

Launching a pop campaign is relatively simple, but you need to take the time to learn the ropes before you start generating results consistently. For starters, you should determine what type of pop traffic you need, create a strategy, and find a reliable traffic source. Every traffic source is different, so make sure to work with a reliable provider like ActiveRevenue to increase your chances of success.

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