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What is the best way to find the right type of traffic for your campaign? The answer is relatively simple: you just have to try out different options until you find one that works. This is the reason why many affiliates end up trying redirect traffic, which is also known as zero-click traffic. But, the reason why most marketers decide to continue using zero-click traffic is that it can produce stellar results.

While astoundingly simple, traffic that comes from redirects offers a great chance for affiliates to monetize. And, even though it’s earned a reputation for being easy for beginners, experienced affiliates can have amazing profit margins if they play their cards right.

For this reason, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you create a killer campaign with redirect traffic.

What is Redirect Traffic?

Have you ever typed in the address of your favorite website in your browser and ended up on a page that is similar, yet not exactly the same? This common phenomenon produces redirect traffic, which consists of users who misspell a word when trying to access a particular site.

Although it’s produced by a simple mistake, redirect traffic gives affiliates a great opportunity to connect consumers with products, services, and companies related to their search. 

Advantages of Zero-Click Campaigns

There are many benefits to zero-click campaigns. For instance, they are:

Ideal for Granular Targeting

Zero-click traffic is produced when a user is already looking for something specific. This gives you the ability to use specific targeting settings, focus on the locations that produce the best results, and avoid low-value traffic.

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Because it doesn’t require any action by the user, many affiliates have a hard time getting used to redirect traffic. But, fear not as mastering this type of traffic is relatively simple. After your first few campaigns, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and how it’s different from other formats.

Effective Year-Round

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Unlike other formats that experience spikes in popularity, zero-click traffic is available year-round, so you can monetize off of it even during the slower months.

Simple Testing and Optimization

Redirecting users without requiring any previous action is a relatively linear process. In other words, this type of campaign is easy to test and optimize due to its low level of complexity.

High Conversion Rates

When compared to banners and other traditional formats, redirect traffic offers higher conversion rates. But, you’ll still need to carefully design your campaign as this doesn’t guarantee success.

How to Create a Killer Campaign with Redirect Traffic

In order to create a great campaign with redirect traffic, you have to focus on:

Finding the Right Keywords

While it’s important in other types of affiliate marketing, redirect traffic relies heavily on keywords for success. You have to pay a lot of attention to misspelled words and popular typos that people make when searching for a website. And, you also need to have the vision to connect these with the industry you’re working with.

Establishing Your Bidding Approach

Your bidding approach will vary depending on your budget and other factors. Make sure you take the variants into account and decide on a bidding approach, rather than setting them blindly. As a general rule of thumb, once you start producing results, it’s time to increase the bids and the quality of your traffic.

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Producing Attractive Creatives

The creative elements on your ads will impact the performance of your ads, but most affiliates already know that. But, it’s still common to see repeat ads and low-quality graphics on ads all around the internet. Instead of settling, invest the time to create stellar creatives and you will be rightfully rewarded.

Setting the Right Ad Targeting Options

Redirect traffic also stands out because users already have an intent to search for something. If you put yourself in your targets’ shoes, you can set the right filters and only bring super high-quality traffic to your ads. Just make sure you don’t go to narrow as miss out!

Tracking and Optimizing

As with any other type of digital marketing campaign, tracking and optimizing are necessary steps that occur once your ads are live. The secret here is simple, just choose a quality tracking tool and install it before launching your campaign. As for optimizing, remember to run different tests, look at the location of your conversions to make sure your GEO targeting is set correctly, and figure out additional adjustments based on your results.

Find Out More About ActiveRevenue’s Redirect Traffic 

Want to learn more about our redirect traffic? Contact us today and our team of seasoned affiliate marketing pros will be glad to help.

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