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Whether you hate it or love it, there’s no denying that winter is an extremely appealing season. Thick blankets, oven-baked goods, and hot drinks are at the order of the day, and depending on the location, wintertime may even coincide with the end of year holidays.

And, besides the awesome things mentioned above, winter also represents a great chance for affiliates to make money. After all, the brands that create cold weather clothing and other winter items always need a little help getting noticed, which is where you come in.

But, it’s common to experience creative frostbite when generating winter content. To help you out, we’ve put together 8 tips to help you produce chillingly-awesome creatives for your winter campaign.


Why Should You Focus on Creating Winter Content?

The creatives you implement directly affect the performance of your ads. Additionally, your audience’s perception of your content changes according to the time of year, which means that the season will impact the performance of your ads.

In simple terms, consumers respond to seasonal content. During summer, you want to include beaches, sunshine, and other images that are suitable for that season. Winters, on the other hand, are represented by snow, furry coats, and in most places in the world, the end of year holidays that include Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years’ Eve.

8 Tips to Create Chillingly-Awesome Winter Content

Depending on the demographic you’re targeting, your winter ads can feature religious symbols, gifts, and other items that consumers relate to this time of the year. But, you need to go a bit deeper in order to help your ads stand above the crowd.

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In order to produce awesome winter content, you should:

Gauge Your Audience

Once you find an offer and product you want to promote, the first thing you need to do is gauge the audience. This will help you find the right tone of voice and images you can use. For example, younger demographics are usually motivated by outdoor images, trips with friends, and traveling. Older generations, on the other hand, find family-oriented images more engaging. 

Take GEO Into Consideration

Take a look at the location requirements you offer has as this will help you determine whether you can use holiday themes or not. In places like Australia and Argentina, you won’t be able to use Christmas symbols as winter occurs midway through the year, so you need to keep this factor in mind for your ads to make sense.

Create Gift Guides and Other Useful Content

Remember, all other advertisers and marketers will also be playing the winter and holiday cards. So, in order to stand out, you can create gift guides, holiday how-tos, and other actionable content that brings value to the audience. Then, you can include the product you’re promoting within the materials you distribute to achieve maximum reach without setting off any alarms.

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Highlight the Positive Sides of Winter

Chocolatey drinks, gift-giving, and family events are usually the highlights of winter, so make sure you employ these elements in your creatives. This will help create a more positive perception of the cold months, which in turn will help you make a stronger connection when promoting apparel, gadgets, and other products.

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Promote Seasonal Products

Speaking of seasonal products, always remember to choose offers based on the item in question. To get the best results, make sure the product aligns with the season. For instance, selling bathing suits, surfboards, and sun tanning lotion during winter is a no-go. Instead, focus on warm clothing, travel accessories, and other goods that make sense during this time.

Use Cute and Cuddly Photos

In winter, everyone wants to cuddle up under a blanket and have an easy-going day. You can play on this preconception by using cute and cuddly photos. You can include animals in your content, but make sure that the people are smiling and having a good time, even if they are outside in the cold!

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Choose the Right Verticals

Similarly to the offers, it’s important to stick to verticals that have a good performance during winter. Sweepstakes are always a great choice, but you should also test the waters with ecommerce, international travel, and weather forecasting apps.

Start Creating an Awesome Winter Campaign Now!

If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to combine the beauty of snow, end-of-year family traditions, and other elements that make consumers feel at home in one single winter campaign.

Want to find out more about designing a killer winter campaign? Get in touch with ActiveRevenue and our team will

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