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As marketers, what is the main goal of the content we generate? The short answer is to encourage users to take certain actions. There may be variations depending on your industry, but generally speaking, we all create ads in an attempt to connect companies with their potential customers. And, out of all the tools we employ in this endeavor, calls-to-action may be the most important ones. 

A call-to-action, usually abbreviated as CTA, is the most important element in your ad. CTAs should tell your audience to do exactly what you want them to do, whether you want them to sign up, download a guide, or make a purchase. Most CTAs appear in the shape of a button and can present multiple variations that influence its performance.

With all of the above in mind, crafting a compelling CTA is not simple. To help spark your creativity, we’ve put together a few call-to-action ideas that help improve the performance of your ads. 

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Why are CTAs Important?

Historically, all forms of digital advertising that feature a CTA have better performance than those that don’t. Even when using indirect methods like blog posts, including a CTA at the end of the main content can significantly increase the number of conversions on a page. As for affiliates, CTAs have an even bigger role as they make up a large section of your ads.

Calls-to-action can vary in shape, size, color, location, wording, and much more. For this reason, finding a winning combination requires a lot of testing and knowledge about your audience. 

How to Boost the Performance of Your Ad with a New CTA

There are many elements that make up an affiliate ad. The main copy, the main image, other creative elements, and the header are all important, but the CTA will ultimately tell users what you want them to do. Not to mention the fact that it’ll be the last thing on their mind after reading your ad.

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Here are some CTA ideas to help improve the performance of your ads:

Button Shapes

In most cases, the default choice of button shape that marketers opt for is rectangular. While it has its benefits, this shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with different shapes. 

Remember, the content within your CTA will dictate the shapes you can use. But, instead of opting for a simple button, you can opt for one that has rounded edges, a 3D effect, or a slightly different shape. Depending on the offer, you may even incorporate product characteristics. For instance, if you are promoting nutra offers, you can choose buttons that are shaped like a horizontal capsule.

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Include Active Language

Although the majority of CTAs only allow a small amount of text, you should use active tenses. Avoid using past tenses as these have been shown to discourage people from acting right away.

Highlight Benefits

Whenever possible, try to highlight the benefits the users are enjoying. For example, if you are promoting a downloadable, you can include a CTA copy that says something like “Download Our Guide and Learn How to XYZ Today” and remind visitors how it will benefit them.

Be Clear… 

Today, internet users are savvier than ever before. There is a lot of attention being placed on security and privacy, so you should be clear in order to keep negative emotions away. Plus, many users will appreciate simple CTAs that don’t sound sketchy.

And Also Stand Out!

Although being clear is critical, you also want to learn how to stand out from the competition. Avoid making promises, but include your product or offer’s unique selling point. And, don’t forget to forge artistic elements that make your ads memorable.

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Create a Consistent Theme

Users react positively to familiar stimuli, as long as it’s not entirely obvious. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a theme with your CTAs. You can use similar wording, the same color, and a similar shape or size on your ads and see how your traffic reacts to this change.


Offer More than One Action

Depending on the offer and the type of traffic, you may be able to offer more than one action on each CTA. If you are promoting an offer where the advertiser has provided a PDF or ebook, you can give visitors a choice to opt for the downloadable content or redeem the offer right away.

Find Out More About the Best CTAs

CTAs have become a necessity in virtually all digital marketing campaigns, and affiliate offers are no exception. The tips above should help improve the performance of your ads and spark your creativity when it’s time to craft a new CTA.

To learn more, get in touch with ActiveRevenue or stay tuned to our blog.

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