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While all industries are unique, eCommerce has a special relationship with affiliate marketing because companies in this space have been taking advantage of this type of advertising since its early days. But, this also means that consumers are far more used to traditional affiliate approaches, which makes it particularly hard to enter this evergreen vertical.

Landing pages are one of the most important elements in your eCommerce campaigns. Even though some offers will not allow it, seasoned affiliates that work closely with their clients may be able to alter aspects of this page in order to improve performance. That said, finding a winning combination can still take a lot of testing, so looking for a little guidance is always a good idea.

Let’s take a look at the different factors you need to keep in mind when putting together a landing page for your ecommerce campaign.

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Everything You Need to Know About Building Landing Pages that Convert

The goal of a landing page is to convince visitors to take an additional step. This can be signing up for a newsletter, playing a game, or even buying a product. Whatever the specific action may be, you should always remember that the objective is to get more conversions.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when building a landing page.

Build the Design with User Actions in Mind

Whether you’re looking for an email sign-up or to sell a product, keep the action you want the user to take in mind. In the case of ecommerce offers, you’re most likely looking to sell an item, so you want to display a high-quality picture, clear pricing, and have an easy purchase process.

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Set Up the Right Structure

The anatomy of the landing page itself will have a huge importance on your visitors’ actions. Keep in mind that landing pages are usually standalone posts, so you should choose a simple design. Retail and ecommerce platforms should have attractive color schemes, show their products above the fold, and work well on all internet connections.

Customize the Page as Much as Possible

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As an affiliate, there’s a good chance you have a customized link that helps track your conversions. With this in mind, you should also customize the experience for users. By adding certain design elements, you can help users transition seamlessly and avoid disrupting the natural purchase process.

Independent Reviews and Feedback from Social Media

You can choose from a wide array of widgets that allow you to place reviews on your landing pages. These can be from independent review sites or popular social media platforms. Why is this important? Because it helps bolster your credibility and increases your chances of reeling in more conversions.

Decide on Code or Pre-Built Landers

Before building your landing page, you need to answer one key question: will you code your own site or use pre-built landers? Top-notch affiliates may have coding knowledge or collaborate with a developer to create their own landing pages. However, there are also amazing tools that can help you implement pre-built landers that are more than good enough.

Don’t Forget Visual Appeal

Design is an important element in all parts of your campaign and the landing page is no exception. In addition to using an attractive scheme, make sure the buttons, content, and other elements are properly sized and styled.

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Create Quality Content Every Time

Landing pages give you the opportunity to design awesome visual elements and to write a keyword-rich, creative blurb about the product you’re promoting. The secret ingredient for a great content sauce is to produce quality copy and creatives every single time. If not, you run the risk of boring your audience and becoming a secondary thought.


Having great calls-to-action or CTAs strategically placed on your landing page will only increase your chances of converting. You may want to try a variety of sizes and colors, evaluate the results, and decide which combination works best.

Bonus Tip: Split Testing

Split testing is a great way to figure out which variants work well on your landing pages and which ones need to go. You can run split tests on virtually any area of your page. That said, you’ll only want to change one element at a time to start with. Once you have a handle on the best design base, you can try multiple small adjustments at once.

Learn More About Creating the Best Landing Pages

Using landing pages properly can make or break your ecommerce campaign. The tips above should help you build better landers and give you an advantage over your competitors. To learn more about building the best landing page, contact ActiveRevenue and our team will be glad to help.

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