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As children, many of us were encouraged to do something we love and work in a field that we are passionate about. That’s one of the many beauties of affiliate marketing, as this type of advertising allows you to work with companies in almost all
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Whether you hate it or love it, there’s no denying that winter is an extremely appealing season. Thick blankets, oven-baked goods, and hot drinks are at the order of the day, and depending on the location, wintertime may even coincide with the end of year
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We’re quickly approaching the end of 2019 and what a year it has been! From major global shifts that altered the digital landscape to the development of new tools specifically designed for affiliate marketing, there’s no question the industry has gone through a significant transformation.
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Black Friday & Cyber Monday bonus from ActiveRevenue! Black Friday to Cyber Monday, ActiveRevenue is treating you to a 10% bonus on your top-ups, November 29th to December 2nd. 4 days in a row! Grab this opportunity with both hands! you can gain up to $500
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The basics of media buying have remained intact over the last few decades, but the format and medium that modern buyers have to be familiar with are cutting-edge, to say the least. Laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets have paved the digital way for media buyers
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Despite the fact that affiliate marketing is a unique creature, it still falls under the mantle of digital advertising. And, like in other forms of online marketers, affiliates need to pay attention to the keywords that consumers are using to search for, well, everything. But,
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We are excited to announce the official integration with TheOptimizer!TheOptimizer is a cloud-based automation and campaign management platform that enables advertisers to effortlessly manage and automate their optimization tasks across native, pop, redirect, push and adult display traffic networks.  Thanks to the robust API-based integration
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Affiliate marketers can choose from a pool of dozens of different industries to work with. Seasoned veterans and rookies alike all want to find the industries that offer the best odds at success. That being said, these are also the hardest to crack, so they
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There’s a massive collection of strategies and techniques that affiliates can use to improve their chances of building a successful campaign. That said, paying attention to seasonality may be the most important element that can help determine whether you build a successful campaign or barely
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Ask any seasoned affiliate and you’ll know that there are dozens of different elements that affect the performance of your campaign. The wording used, the landing page, and most of all, the creatives used in your ads. Which brings another question to mind:  How on
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Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen technology completely change the landscape in many different industries and the world of digital marketing is no exception. Today, online advertising is no longer a big-company privilege, so it’s normal for all businesses to invest in promoting
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This is the moment you have been waiting for ! ActiveRevenue is glad to announce that we are officially live with a new feature: Operating System version targeting & Bid adjustment! Check out your campaigns on our interface and find out how easy it is
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