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Purchasing different ad positions is not a new practice. For decades, marketers have been finding ways to buy media and acquire quality inventory that yields a good profit margin. And, in 2020, the game remains the same, with a few changes of course.

There are many factors you need to take into consideration to become an expert media buyer. From the platforms you do business with to the ad formats you choose, you should carefully research all of your providers before taking the leap of fate. 

But, this isn’t enough to get the results you want!

In this article, we’ll cover 8 tips to help you become a successful media buyer in 2020.

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What is Media Buying?

In simple terms, media buying is the process of purchasing online traffic from reputable networks or independent websites in order to promote an offer. As with other types of cost-per-action setups, media buyers want users to take a certain action in order to produce revenue, for instance an email subscription or the purchase of a specific item.

While this process may sound simple, it can become more complex when you introduce different offer requirements, ad types, and conversion flows, so it’s important to do your research before increasing the stakes. 

8 Tips that Will Help You Become a Successful Media Buyer in 2020

Media buyers can generate a huge amount of money, if they play their cards correctly. That said, there are many trends and consumer patterns you need to look out for in 2020.

In order to succeed as a media buyer, you need to:

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Start Off By Choosing a Suitable Offer

Media buying is similar to other types of affiliate marketing because you still need to focus on choosing a reliable offer. If the offer isn’t attractive to consumers, it won’t matter how big the payoff is because you won’t be able to get any conversions. Instead, take your time and find a suitable offer that is easy to promote and has a decent payout.

Define the Spots and Formats You Want

While all affiliates love to experiment, media buying should be approached carefully. Stick to ad formats you have experience with and start off with low-stakes spots while you learn. If you already have experience with media buying, you can be bolder with your decisions and go for more expensive, better quality spots.

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Choose the Right Traffic Sources

Next, you have to find the right traffic sources for your campaign. There are dozens of choices, so make sure you choose a reliable network that offers the type of traffic and ad formats you’re looking for. Plus, look at additional features like tracking, targeting, bidding systems, and even security measures.

Craft a Set of Quality Creatives

If you’re good at what you do, you probably have a set of great creatives already. But, this also means that consumers have interacted with them before, so you’ll want to create a set fresh of ads in order to avoid boring your audience.

Set Your Budget

As we mentioned before, affiliates that are transitioning into media buying should approach budgeting carefully. Starting with lower spots and increasing quality as you go is always a good call. If you’re a seasoned vet, placing high bids and going for the best spots off the bat is the recommended course of action.

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Toggle the Targeting Settings

The offer will dictate the most basic levels of targeting, but you should also do your homework and analyze results from your previous campaigns in order to implement the right settings. You can start off with device and more granular location targeting, then work your way up to OS, connection, and interests as you collect more information.

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Capping, Blacklisting, and Frequency

Many offers will only pay you a set number of conversions per day, so setting a daily cap can help minimize costs. You should also look at your stats and blacklist unprofitable areas as well as bad sources. Lastly, space out your ad frequency and ensure that you don’t show the same ad to the same user more than twice.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

Yes, media buyers also have to become optimization gurus. After you have collected enough information, which varies depending on your industry, it’s time to optimize different parts of your campaign. Your ads are always a good starting point, but also look at your targeting and bidding settings as well.

Become an Elite Media Buyer with ActiveRevenue!

Attaining media buying success is not easy. But, the tips above should help prepare you to take the lead and hit the ground running. If you want to learn more about media buying or our ads network, contact ActiveRevenue today and our team will be glad to help.

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