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The widespread adoption of smartphones and other innovative devices has fueled the demand for digital products. While this industry is relatively young, digital utilities and applications generated hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the VPN and antivirus industries are among the most popular and fastest-growing affiliate verticals today.

With the above in mind, developing VPN and antivirus campaigns is not easy. There are dozens of different elements you have to keep in mind before, during, and after the campaign creation process, including the affiliate offer you choose.

Below, we’ll discuss the different elements you need to keep in mind when promoting VPN and antivirus offers. We’ll also share tips on building successful campaigns and optimizing your content for these industries.

What Are VPN and Antivirus Affiliate Offers?

Despite the fact that they are two different tools, VPN and antivirus affiliate programs are often categorized together because they are suitable for the same type of marketer.

In simple terms, VPN offers promote virtual private networks, which is a type of tool that helps users mask their location and makes them seem as if they are connecting from another region.

Moreover, antiviruses are popular tools that help protect smartphones, computers, and other devices from hackers and other malicious parties. Affiliate programs that promote antiviruses aim to convince users to protect their assets using these powerful security tools.


All affiliate offers are unique, but the vast majority of these tend to have one of three goals. These are:

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Improve Brand Awareness

Some affiliate programs are designed to promote brands and build awareness around these companies’ services. That said, these are not very common and tend to offer the lowest payouts, although they are also the easiest to monetize.

More Downloads/Installs

Most affiliate programs aim to generate a type of interaction, for example a download or an install. When working with VPN and antivirus programs, you may be required to convince people to download and install these tools, so make sure that the content produced is geared towards these goals.

A Higher Number of Paying Customers

Lastly, many offers will also aim to generate paying customers, rather than leads or installs. The good news is that even though they are harder to convert, offers that are looking to produce paying customers often have the highest payouts.


How to Build the Best Antivirus and VPN Affiliate Campaigns

Remember, all affiliates and verticals are different. Instead of following a specific formula, you should tailor your strategy to your specific needs and leverage the tools you have at your disposal.

In most cases, some of the steps you’ll have to follow include:

Identify the Top Advertisers and Programs

Before you start thinking about the strategies you’ll leverage, you need to pay close attention to the different advertisers and affiliate programs to make sure that you find the right fit. Keep your resources in mind and remember to choose an advertiser/program that aligns with your current toolkit.

Depending on your niche, you may find that there is a specific season or another variable that boosts the performance of the entire industry, so also take this into consideration before choosing an advertiser’s program.

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Study Your Audience

Once you know more details about the audience you’re targeting, you can start studying these users. You can review information from previous campaigns if you have any available and analyze new tendencies by using tools like Google trends.


Select the Most Effective Channels

Next, you should identify the most effective channels and choose the methods you’ll use to publish your content. Paid advertising in affiliate marketing is almost always a given, but you can also launch social media campaigns and leverage other forms of traffic, as long as the offer allows it.

Launch and Monitor Your campaign

Finally, it’s time to create your materials and launch your campaign. Remember, your content should be tailored to your audience’s preferences in order to have the most profound impact. Moreover, you should also monitor the performance of your materials closely to ensure that there are no grave mistakes in your content.

Optimize Your Content

Remember, your campaign management process doesn’t stop once your content is live. On the contrary, you need to pay close attention to the performance of your ads to make sure that your campaign is properly set up. Not only this, but you also have to optimize your campaign, or in other words, adjust your ads to produce the best possible results.

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