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Since the beginning of 2020, almost all industries have been affected by the global health crisis and eCommerce is no exception. But, unlike other verticals, the eCommerce industry has shown promise in the sense that consumer interest has not dissipated, but it has shifted instead to different goods and products. 

Launching a winning eCommerce campaign in 2020 will be a challenge even for the most formidable affiliates. That said, there is more than enough evidence suggesting that making the right changes can boost the performance of your ads and result in a profitable eCommerce campaign. 

In this article, we’ll go over a few tips to help you build a solid affiliate campaign for the eCommerce vertical in late 2020.

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The Effect of COVID-19 on Ecommerce

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has confined billions of people to their homes for weeks at a time. While the effects of this safety measure may be devastating for some industries, e-commerce traffic and sales saw a small boost at the beginning of the pandemic.

Since then, the numbers have leveled out, not to mention the fact that some e-commerce providers are starting to experience issues in the inventory and fulfillment departments. However, with economies slowly reopening, the holiday season looming, and consumers still required to adhere to social distancing rules, the e-commerce industry is set to experience a significant boost before the end of the year.

In addition to the above, it’s worth noting that consumer interest has shifted from trending to functional items. For example, products like home gym equipment, fitness gadgets, and similar goods have skyrocketed in popularity because consumers have been forced to stay indoors, but many are still determined to stay healthy. By identifying this type of pattern, affiliates can cherry-pick their products and offers to ensure that the campaigns they produce are successful.

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How to Launch a Successful Ecommerce Campaign in Late 2020

While seasoned affiliates may be familiar with techniques that provided results before the pandemic, it’s important to reassess parts of your model in order to hit the ground running. 

Here are a few tips to help you launch a successful eCommerce campaign in late 2020.

Start Off with a Good Offer

Use whatever tools you have available to figure out what items are trending with consumers and only choose offers that promote these goods. Regardless of how good your campaign is, if users are not interested in the offer product then your chances of succeeding are very low. For this reason, you should always choose offers based on the product, as well as payout and your usual requirements.

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Identify New Consumer Patterns

In addition to helping you pick better offers, monitoring new trends will allow you to generate better ads and make data-driven decisions when setting your targeting. 

Find the Right Traffic Sources

In some instances, the increase in web usage has also increased the amount of low-quality traffic in the affiliate industry. To overcome this challenge, only work with DSPs that constantly test their traffic for quality, like ActiveRevenue. We routinely conduct random tests to ensure that all the traffic you get comes from real users that can be monetized.

Adjust Targeting for New Best Performers

In addition to changing purchase patterns, the global health crisis has also affected the performance of the different GEOs. Some locations known for their high conversion rates have seen a decrease in traffic, while other unconventional GEOs have been producing stellar results.

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There is no silver-bullet solution for this issue, so you’ll need to monitor your traffic and adjust your campaign to target stable as well as up-and-coming GEOs.

Produce Informative Materials

One of the biggest obstacles that eCommerce has always battled is the fact that consumers can’t see or touch products until after making a purchase. This notion has faded a bit thanks to the strict lockdowns being imposed and producing informative materials that help consumers make better decisions can eventually eradicate this idea for good.

Craft a Fresh Set of Creatives

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People are spending more time online than ever before, but it also means that these users are constantly being bombarded by ads. Although your old set of creatives may have worked well before, it’s time to freshen up your ads and create new versions with eye-catching images that consumers haven’t seen before.

Learn More About Building the Best Campaigns in 2020

Building an eCommerce campaign has never been easy, but 2020 has proven to be an extra-challenging year for affiliates. With this in mind, the tips above should help you make the best out of the situation and design a solid campaign despite the global pandemic.

To learn more about new trends, follow our blog or contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.

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