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Considering the fact that most people use 30+ apps every month, it’s easy for some of these applications to get lost in the crowd. Luckily, push notification campaigns have emerged as one of the best ways to engage and interact with mobile users, regardless of their location.

That said, knowing how to make the most out of this popular ad format isn’t always easy. In this article, we’ll go over six advanced tips to help you optimize your push notification strategy and potentially improve the performance of your campaign.

Push Notifications by the Numbers

The average person receives more than 63 notifications on their mobile device every day. Most of these are emails and text messages, but users still see a huge number of additional notifications related to the apps they have downloaded.

Some studies suggest that push notifications, when used properly, can improve engagement by as much as 88%. This ad format can also reduce churn rates and help your app get past the crucial 7-day period without being uninstalled.

6 Tips to Enhance Your Push Notification Strategy

Push notifications were first implemented by Android and iOS back in 2009. Still, building a successful push strategy takes a significant amount of time and effort, especially if you want to use the advanced features you have available.

Define Objectives Early On

The first step in any digital advertising campaign is to define your goals, and push is no exception. Remember to set clear objectives from the beginning and keep them in mind throughout your campaign.

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Some of these objectives can include collecting a specific number of leads or achieving a certain conversion rate. Just keep in mind that all optimizations and adjustments you make should revolve around the objectives you set in the first place.

Employ A/B Testing

All parts of your notifications affect the performance of your ad, even timing and the wording of the message itself. Through split testing, you can try different text content, timing, and even intention of the message in order to compare the results later on. That said, always remember to allow enough time and interactions to ensure the relevance of your results.

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Use Highly-Targetted Ads

There are billions of active mobile device users around the world, but blasting everyone with your ads can be expensive and ineffective. By using the advanced targeting options you have available, you can choose who sees your push notification and potentially improve its performance.

You should only show push notifications to users that fit your ideal demographic, although the specific options you have will vary according to the platform you’re using. Platforms like ActiveRevenue allow targeting by geographical location, OS type, device, browser, interests, keywords, mobile carriers, and much more.

Offer Value Through the Push Notifications

Just because half of consumers actively allow notifications doesn’t mean they find them interesting or valuable. Highlighting the value of the push notifications can help improve opt-in rates as well as the performance of the ad itself.

You can start by redirecting users to a page that explains the benefits of your notifications before you request permission to send them. Once the request has been approved, make sure all the notifications you send have some form of added value for end-users.

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Focus on User Experience

Push campaigns allow you to enhance the user experience, but sending an excessive number of notifications can also cause a negative reaction from people.

All industries are different, so there isn’t a silver-bullet solution to improve UX. Instead, you’ll have to look at your metrics, figure out which ones are related to user experience, and work on creating solutions to improve these numbers.

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Measure the Right Metrics for Your Company

Measuring the right metrics and identifying your key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you monitor the numbers that matter the most. But, remember that all companies are different, so your set of KPIs will be different than every other company.

To find the right KPIs, analyze all the metrics you track and find the ones that offer the most insights. You can even create your own statistics, such as a tailored Customer Health Score, and work on improving them through periodic optimizations

Learn More About Push Notifications and Other Ad Formats

Stay tuned for more information about push notifications and other ad formats. Want to learn more about ActiveRevenue? Get in touch with us and our team will be glad to help.

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