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From pop to push and everything in between, affiliates have a wide selection of traffic types to work with. That said, the world of affiliate marketing is always evolving, so marketers need to stay updated with the latest formats in order to be successful. Injection traffic is one of the newest alternatives and, even though it was originally designed for ecommerce, campaigns using this type of ad have shown great results across multiple industries.

At ActiveRevenue, we’ve curated a collection of high-performing ad formats that produce stellar results, so we know a thing or two about the best types of traffic out there. Below, we’ll go over injection traffic, explain its advantages, and provide a few tips to succeed using this ad format.

Defining Injection Traffic

Injection traffic is actually a type of pop traffic that allows precise keyword targeting. When users download certain toolbars, these browser additions receive authorization to display ads that are relevant to the content being viewed. The visitors that click on these ads and are redirected to their landing pages make up injection traffic.

Simply put, injection traffic received its name from the fact that ads are injected into the websites that users are viewing. The ads that are injected to different pages vary depending on what keywords users used to track down the site. For example, if a user searches for “movie theaters” the injected ads will likely show content from nearby cinemas or movie rental places.

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What Are the Benefits of Injection Traffic?

The main benefit of injection traffic is that it can be highly targeted based on the keyword that each person uses. This in itself brings an array of different benefits, for example, you can develop content based on the users’ intent. If a user conducts a search using terms that have an informative intent, you can develop content that answers questions. When a search intent is commercial or for purchase, then affiliates have free reign to take a more direct approach.

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Furthermore, keep in mind that injection traffic is perfect for ecommerce campaigns. It allows ecommerce store owners to promote virtually any product to audience members that are actively interested. That being said, injection traffic has also provided great results for affiliates working with verticals like nutra, technology, fitness, and gaming.

Injection vs. Pop Traffic

It’s important to note that, in the vast majority of cases, injection traffic employs the same technology as pop ads. This is the reason why injection is actually a subtype of pop traffic. 

However, there are clear differences that set both traffic types apart. For instance, pop traffic is a more general option that’s suitable for industries like sweepstakes and lead generation, while injection works best for physical products that have higher payouts. 

It’s also important to note that pop ads can be disruptive in terms of user experience. Injection ads take a more subtle approach, as they just sit in the text waiting for interested audience members to interact with them.

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Keyword Targeting Strategies

It’s true that many formats give you the ability to target users by keyword, but none of them are as granular or impactful as injection traffic. Users conduct exact searches whenever they want to find information, but you need to evaluate whether you’ll run exact or broad keyword targeting.

Both options have pros and cons, so you need to analyze your requirements in order to find the best alternative. Remember, exact keyword matching will severely limit your ads’ exposure, but this setting tends to work best if you’re targeting broad terms like “sports” or “news”. Broad keyword targeting is more suitable for long-tail keywords that contain 3 or more terms as it will also include variables that may be relevant.

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Best Verticals for This Type of Traffic

We’ve mentioned the fact that this type of traffic works best with ecommerce campaigns, but it can also generate a huge amount of revenue if paired with the right industries. Some of the best verticals for injection traffic include:

  • Apps
  • Games
  • Utility software
  • Financial services
  • Foreign exchange
  • Cryptocurrencies
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Have More Questions About Injection Traffic? Learn More By Contacting ActiveRevenue

At ActiveRevenue, our team works restlessly to identify the best ad formats and make them available to our affiliates. If you want to learn more about injection traffic and how it works, contact our team and we’ll be glad to help. 

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