Affiliates have to consider a huge range of elements when choosing their offers. That said, the location of the program is perhaps the most important variable you need to keep in mind. Not only does it define the language, but the target GEOs will also dictate the type of images and other key parts of your strategy. That said, choosing the best affiliate GEOs is difficult, especially when you’re not familiar with the different country tiers you can work with.

At ActiveRevenue, we know that not all locations produce the same type of traffic. We’ve partnered with hundreds of marketers that work with GEOs from all over the world, so our team is familiar with the different tiers and how these affect the results of an affiliate campaign. 

In this article, we’ll go over the definition of affiliate GEOs and the different tiers available. We’ll algo discuss three essential tips to choose the best offers based on their target location.

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Defining Country or GEO Tiers

Offers give affiliates all the information they need to know about generating a conversion, including the target locations or GEOs that advertisers are interested in. In simple terms, conversions only count if they are registered in the GEOs listed in the offer. So, affiliates need to toggle their targeting setting and ensure the conversions they generate come exclusively from the appropriate locations.

In affiliate marketing, GEOs are categorized in a tier system based on how much potential for profitability traffic has in that area. The different tiers available are:

Tier-1 Regions

In simple terms, tier-1 regions consist of areas that have high-quality users with a relative high amount of disposable income. It’s worth noting that it’s harder to register conversions in these locations because consumers tend to be more demanding in terms of ad quality, so make sure to focus on delivering value and taking an indirect approach.

Tier-1 countries include Canada, the UK, the US, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, and the Netherlands, among others.

Tier-2 Regions

Traffic that comes from tier-2 countries is easier to convert than tier-1, but it’s less profitable in terms of individual payout rates. Users from these regions have less acquisitional power, but they are still attracted to luxury items in certain industries.

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Uruguay, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Israel, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Fiji, Brazil, Argentina, China, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, and Poland are all tier-2 countries, but the list contains many more.

Tier-3 Regions

Tier-3 countries are the easiest to convert, but they also have the lowest payouts. Offers that target these GEOs are perfect for affiliates that are just learning the ropes because this type of traffic is very affordable. Plus, they provide a perfect alternative to learn about different audiences without making huge investments. In a nutshell, tier-3 regions include developing countries with little to no regulations in place.

How to Choose the Best GEOs

In order to choose the best GEOs for your next campaign, remember to consider:

Language and Currency

There’s a strong chance you’ll be able to use some of the creatives developed for your previous campaigns. However, two of the most important elements you should consider when choosing new GEOs is the language and currency of the area you want to target. 

If you don’t speak the language of a GEO you want to target, you’ll have to work with a translator, plus always remember to change the currency sign and name in your ads.

Culture and Social Expectations

One of the main things many affiliates overlook is the culture and social expectations from the different locations out there. For instance, the same ads that work well in South Africa and Australia won’t deliver great results in Dubai and other regions in the Middle East, so make sure you consider these nuances when crafting your ads.

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Age and Other Demographic Information

While there are consumers of different demographics in every single country, some regions are dominated by people from a certain age or gender. For instance, Portugal and Japan have two of the oldest demographics in the world, so seemingly outdated techniques may actually produce stellar results in these countries.

Weather and Seasons

Lastly, the weather and seasons in your target area will help determine whether your audience is interested in the products you’re promoting. For example, if you specialize in fashion and accessories, you need to ensure that jackets, beanies, and other winter accessories are promoted in cold regions.

Get More Information About GEOs and Other Affiliate Topics

Learning about the different tiers and GEOs you can target is crucial, especially if you want to boost profitability across the board. To learn more about the top affiliate GEOs, contact ActiveRevenue and we’ll be glad to help.

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