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There are dozens of different ad formats affiliates can work with, but not many of them can match the performance of push notifications. In addition to delivering personalized ads at crucial times, push notifications have the ability to build an almost intimate relationship with users. However, before getting these alerts, users have to opt in to subscribe to push notifications from a specific site or app.

To make the most of push notifications on your publishing platform, you need to produce engaging opt-in requests that entice users to subscribe to your alerts. With that said, crafting an attractive and relevant subscription message isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have much experience with this monetization flow.

Below, we’ve put together a quick guide to help increase your push notification opt-in rates.

Push Notifications Traffic A Guide to Increasing Opt In Rates 2

Push Notifications By the Numbers

Push notifications have become a staple in the affiliate’s arsenal because they can help marketers connect with almost all demographics. Not only this, but it’s estimated that 5% of people receiving these alerts interact with them, which makes push notifications extremely engaging and suitable for a variety of industries.

Additionally, some of this format’s most impressive statistics include:

  • 2.9% CTR across all devices
  • 5.8% reaction rate across all devices
  • 18% of consumers find push notifications extremely useful
  • Overall opt-in rate is about 48.3% (91.1% on Android, 43.9% on iOS, 10% on desktop)

How to Increase Your Push Notification Opt-In Rates

Although push notification opt-in rates are extremely high on Android devices, affiliates working with iOS and desktop traffic have a lot of ground to make up. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Android users are opted-in automatically, but they can always cancel their subscription. So, you need to avoid creating a negative experience and potentially losing this audience as well.

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Furthermore, remember that all publishers are different. The steps we’ll discuss below are general tips, so you have to adapt them to your specific case to ensure the best results.

Let’s go over a few tips to help you increase push notification opt-in rates.

Deliver Value Through Your Notifications

Delivering value through an ad may seem challenging because it actually is, but push notifications give you the advantage of showing up like other alerts. This means that consumers don’t have their guard up, which allows you to deliver value without making your audience feel skeptical.

Push Notifications Traffic A Guide to Increasing Opt In Rates 6

Sweeten the Deal for Users

Besides delivering value, you can also try to sweeten the deal for users by creating promotions that are only available to push subscribers. For example, offering a discount voucher that can be redeemed on a popular platform or used in the publisher’s app or site to make purchases.

Get Creative (with All Parts of Your Ads!)

It may sound like a cliche, but you need to stay creative and find new ways to attract user attention. Besides the usual design elements, also consider testing our new landing pages, pre-landers, and even swapping offers for a similar one in order to find the winning combination.

Request Opt-In After Parts of the Content Have Been Consumed

Publishing platforms that allow users to read or browse through the content for a while before requesting an opt-in usually get better results. In theory, requesting the opt-in later on gives users the time to navigate and evaluate your site, so they agree to the subscription once the quality has been verified.

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Push Notifications Traffic A Guide to Increasing Opt In Rates 5

Wait for the Right Moment to Request the Opt-In

Take the time to think about when users will see the opt-in request. For instance, if you have a game, you shouldn’t send the opt-in message during the most exciting part. Instead, think about the perfect time, like when a new page in your site is opened or when users are about to leave the site.

Match the Notification Request with User Behavior 

Also, keep in mind that not all visitors will be ideal candidates for your push notifications. Targeting and blasting all visitors with a subscription form may only yield poor metrics, so you can take a more pragmatic approach and match requests to user behavior. For instance, only send subscription messages when users are clearly interested in your site’s content.

Push Notifications Traffic A Guide to Increasing Opt In Rates 3

Keep Users Who Opted-In Happy!

Lastly, remember to keep users who have already opted in by only sending quality notifications that improve user experience in one way or another.

Want to Know More? Contact ActiveRevenue and We’ll Be Glad to Help

Push notifications have taken the affiliate world by storm, but you need to be purposeful and assertive in order to get as many subscriptions as possible.

To learn more about achieving push success, contact ActiveRevenue and our team will be glad to help.

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