Affiliates can choose to work with different types of traffic, all of which have their unique pros and cons. While options like push notifications and native traffic tend to take up most of the spotlight, you can also find more obscure alternatives that may be slightly different, but are just as profitable. Redirect traffic, also known as zero-click traffic, is one of the options that’s not as mainstream, but can be as profitable as any leading type.

Learning how to launch a campaign is one thing, but knowing what adjustments to make to improve the performance of your ads can be tricky. At ActiveRevenue, we’ve worked with countless affiliates developing successful redirect traffic campaigns. Our team knows a thing or two about improving these ads, so we’ve put together a quick guide on how to optimize redirect traffic campaigns.

What is Redirect Traffic?

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Before going any further, let’s take a minute to define redirect traffic. In simple terms, zero-click traffic is generated when a user mistypes a URL they want to access. Instead of showing a message saying that the browser can’t connect to a server, the users are redirected to a landing page that contains similar content to the one they’re searching for. 

Users that make up zero-click traffic are looking for something specific and affiliates know it, so these marketers can leverage this information to develop more content.

Before You Launch Your Campaign… 

Zero-click traffic is regarded as an unconventional format because it relies on user spelling mistakes. But, these occur very frequently, and if you develop your campaign properly you can still help your audience by furnishing the information they want while also encouraging them to convert.

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As with all campaigns, your optimizations process needs to be based on the information you collect. The quality of the data you gather from your ads will depend heavily on the tracking tool you use. For this reason, you need to partner with a trustworthy provider that offers a powerful tool at a fair price.

How to Optimize Redirect Traffic Campaigns

Optimizing any campaign, including redirect traffic ads, is a unique process for each affiliate. As a general rule of thumb, you need to evaluate your specific circumstances and create a tailored process to optimize your campaigns.

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With the above in mind, there are many general steps that you will most likely have to follow to optimize your zero-click campaigns. These include:

Assess the Tracker Data

Once you have enough information, you should pull up the data in report form or find another way to transform the raw metrics into actionable steps. This requires practice and a deep understanding of your audience. For example, if you notice that the bounce rate is high, you need to figure out what elements are likely discouraging users and adjust these for better performance.

Choose the Right Targeting Options

Beginner affiliates may have to start with general targeting and narrow down their settings starting with the first optimization. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing campaigns and your audience, you can start off by choosing basic targeting settings like location, keyword targeting, and device. 

During your first optimization, look at the results of your campaign and improve your targeting by selecting the options that yielded the most revenue.

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Examine Your Bids

Bidding is always tricky in zero-click traffic. Purchasing this type of traffic tends to be more affordable, but placing hire bids will improve your chances of winning the spots without necessarily increasing your expenses that much.

If you notice that you’re close to winning the best placements but still come up short, increasing your bids can actually give you a solid boost in revenue.

Conduct Additional Keyword Research

All affiliates like to think that they know their audiences extremely well. While this may be true, the way consumers search for information changes over time. Therefore, you need to perform additional keyword research during every optimization to ensure that you are targeting all relevant terms.

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Improve Landing Pages and More

The actual landing page you create is more important than in other types of traffic because there is no ad to build up to your lander. So, you need to identify the best landing page designs and make sure that the elements you implement also increase engagement.

Additionally, to optimize your zero-click campaigns you also need to:

  • Run multiple A/B tests
  • Select niches you’re familiar with
  • Keep track of your audience’s behavioral patterns

Ready to Launch a Zero-Click Campaign? ActiveRevenue is Here to Help

Are you interested in finding the best zero-click traffic sources? Contact ActiveRevenue and our team will be glad to help.

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