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As a publisher, there are dozens of traffic types you can attempt to attract and all of them offer unique advantages as well as distinct challenges. However, zero-click traffic may have the simplest premise of them all while consistently offering great results for publishers of all levels.

Zero-click traffic, which is also known as domain redirect or pay per redirect (PPR) traffic, has been around for some time. But, because it’s significantly different than most types of traffic, many publishers have steered clear from this profitable category. In this article, we’ll go over the definition of zero-click traffic, give you tips on finding the best sources, and discuss some of the strategies you can use to monetize your PPR visitors.

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What is Zero-Click Traffic?

Zero-click traffic is generated when users mistype the name of the URL they’re trying to visit and get redirected to a landing page with an affiliate offer on it. Users don’t have to click anywhere to get to the landing page, hence the name of this type of traffic.

There are many benefits that come with PPR traffic, including:

Ideal for All Affiliates

Zero-click campaigns are ideal for all affiliates because they only require the creation or optimization of a landing page. You don’t have to worry about creating ads and identifying the best CTAs for them. Simply choose the right keyword, develop a good landing page, and optimize when there’s enough data!

Allows Extensive Targeting

Because users are often looking for a specific site, zero-click traffic allows extensive tracking and monitoring capacities that keep your campaign profitable.

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High Conversion Rates and Simple Optimization

Zero-click traffic is warm, which means that people are actively on the hunt for information. This means that consumers are more receptive to your ads, which often results in higher conversion rates. And, because there are not many elements to keep an eye out for, the optimization process is also relatively simple. 

Why are all of the above important for publishers? Zero-click traffic is an attractive option and there are always affiliates who want to launch this type of campaign, so you’ll always find reliable networks you can join to make money from domain redirect visitors.

How to Get the Best Zero-Click Traffic

ActiveRevenue specializes in buying and selling quality PPR traffic, so we have a good idea of what publishers need to do to reel in the best domain redirect visitors.

If you want to get quality zero-click traffic, remember to:

Identify Popular Sites that Are Commonly Mistyped or Misspelled

Domain redirects usually happen when there’s a typo or when people misspell a website they’re trying to visit. This occurs more often with websites that implement unorthodox spelling or have longer names, so focus on these heavily when choosing the redirect URL.

Choose Niches that Are Attractive for Consumers

One of the reasons why zero-click offers high conversion rates is because it’s warm traffic. Publishers have focused on attracting consumers that were already looking to make a purchase or find out more about a product, so choose niches that your audiences are interested in.


Spread Your Resources Across Multiple Platforms

Drawing enough zero-click traffic from one website may be difficult and expensive. To counter both of these, you should spread your resources across multiple URLs and gradually weed out underperformers to ensure traffic of the highest quality.

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Tips to Monetize Zero-Click Traffic

Finding quality zero-click traffic is the first part of the process. Now, it’s time to learn how to monetize redirect traffic.

In order to make the most out of the traffic you get, remember to: 

Attract Quality Traffic and Consider User Intent 

We’ve mentioned this before, but we have to stress the importance of getting engaged users on to your site. 

This is closely related to the intent of the searches performed by the users. For example, if you target a common misspelling of an informative website, there’s probably a low chance of generating leads from this type of traffic. 

Therefore, you should try to only attract consumers that are in the process of finding a service or product.

Work with a Reliable DSP

There are dozens of zero-click traffic providers you can work with, but not all DSPs are created equal. Investing the time to research the demand-side platform you want to join is crucial, so make sure you read reviews and check all the resources you have available.

At ActiveRevenue, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the leading zero-click traffic providers for publishers by purchasing the best traffic from publishers around the world. If you’re interested in selling zero-click traffic, get in touch with us today.


Learn More About Getting and Monetizing Zero-Click Traffic

Redirect traffic is a great option for starting and seasoned affiliates alike, but publishers have to keep the tips above in mind to increase their chances of success. 

If you want to learn more about monetizing the zero-click traffic you generate, contact ActiveRevenue today and our team will be glad to help.

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