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Smartphones and tablets have become two of the most common gadgets found today. Their impact on our daily lives is undeniable since the average person uses more than 9 different apps every single day.

This also means that most of us receive dozens of digital alerts on a daily basis, many of which come in the form of push notifications. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you choose the right creatives for your push campaign.

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What are Rich Media Push Notifications?

As any marketer will tell you, push notifications can be very effective, but they are tricky to use. They have a relatively low character limit, so you need to become a true wordsmith in order to convey the right message and spark interest.

This is where rich media push notifications come in.

Also known as rich push notifications, these ads can feature media such as images, GIFs, and icons along with the text message. As the old saying goes, one picture is worth a thousand words and for affiliates, it can be worth much more. Adding the right creative element will help attract users’ attention, which can potentially translate to higher CTRs and post-click engagement.

How to Choose the Right Creatives for Your Push Notification Campaigns

Using rich push notifications is a no-brainer, but you need to take your time and develop the right creatives before launching your campaign. Here are some tips to help you find the best media for your push ads.

Keep Your Campaign Well-Organized

Although it may seem obvious, it’s extremely important to prevent repeat content or images that are too similar. By staying organized and setting your goals early on, you’ll be able to avoid clashing ads and maintain an uninterrupted creative streak.

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Select the Right Image Size

Image sizes for push notifications may vary depending on the platform you’re using, but they are usually 256×256. Verify the size requirements before crafting your creative and make sure it still entices users to click on your ad even at a reduced size.

Choose the Best Type of Media Format

When it comes to rich push notifications, images are usually the best way to go. They load quickly and can ignite an array of emotions. Some marketers may be veering towards video, but these usually take too long to load and compromise the experience. In these cases, GIFs are usually a better alternative, but you should use images whenever possible.

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Find or Craft Images that Align with Your Brand

Develop creatives that carry your brand and align with the image you want to convey to your audience. Aside from creating an impact, it will give your brand more credibility.

Consider Your Vertical

Your specific industry will define the types of images and tone you should use. Take your vertical into consideration when crafting your ads and play around with concepts that have been successful for your competitors.

Frequency and Added Value

The secret to the success of your push campaign is to time your ads properly and give them added value. Users who find your push notifications useful will likely interact with them on a regular basis. But, overloading users can backfire in the blink of an eye, so make sure your space out your ads adequately.

Learn as Much as You Can About Your Audience

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Your audience will also help define the best images, text, and icons for your adverts. Use the data that’s already available to learn as much as you can about your audience and choose images that appeal to them.

Humor and Charisma Go a Long Way

If your industry and audience allow it, try to implement humor and personality into your ads. Images are a particularly good tool because they can feature funny content, complemented by a punch like and call-to-action in the text.


Avoid Offensive Content at All Costs

While some verticals and audiences allow dark humor, your content should never be harmful, offensive, or discriminatory in any way. Also, review the terms and conditions to make sure your content doesn’t violate the platform’s protocol. This will only reduce engagement and get your ads banned from the platform you’re using.

Stay Tuned for More Push Campaign Tips

Push notifications are among the fastest growing and most effective ad formats available today. That said, choosing the best images, icons, and text for your adverts is not always easy. The tips above should help you find the best creatives for your push campaign and craft adverts that reel in the most engagement.

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