Whether we’re analyzing advertisers, publishers, or even networks, all stakeholders in the advertising industry want to find the best way to connect with consumers. There is no doubt that finding one channel that allows you to connect with different, highly-engaged audiences is challenging. However, at ActiveRevenue we’re committed to helping our partners get the best results, so one of our main goals is to identify as well as implement innovative ad formats that deliver better performance. 

In this article, we’ll go over the most recent addition to our range of formats, iOS calendar push traffic, and tell you everything you need to know about this new type of ad. 

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Defining iOS Calendar Push Traffic

Although there are many profitable ad formats in the market already, the digital landscape is regularly affected by new legislation, improving industry standards, and ever-changing consumer trends. Fortunately, iOS calendar push notifications allow you to reach or monetize traffic that comes directly from Apple desktop and mobile devices.

In simple terms, iOS calendar push is a new ad format designed to connect with users through their calendar apps. While it may seem direct or aggressive when compared to other formats, iOS push ads perform just as well as conventional push notifications. This means that iOS push notifications allow advertisers to connect with engaged audiences that haven’t had much exposure to this format.

Are There Advantages to Choosing iOS Traffic?

The main benefit of choosing iOS push notification ads is that they are a relatively new ad format that’s as profitable as other proven types, all while experiencing a lower level of competition. Not only this, but affiliates and advertisers can finally engage iOS and MacOS users through push notifications, which used to pose a significant challenge when compared to Android divides.

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Moreover, keep in mind that calendar ads appear even when the phone screen is locked. These adverts are also extremely simple and don’t require an image, which should focus most of the user’s attention to the actual message. iOS calendar push notifications can also be easily personalized, which is one of the reasons this format usually has a higher conversion rate than other formats.

Finally, remember that iOS push notification calendar ads are ideal for starting, building, monetizing, or retargeting email lists, so this type of traffic can be used for a wide variety of campaigns.

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How Does This Type of Traffic Work?

Similarly to regular push notifications, users need to subscribe and authorize iOS calendar ads before they start seeing alerts. Once a user has opted in, this person will see the ad as a scheduled event in his or her calendar app/desktop.

What Do Calendar Push Ads Look Like?

Keep in mind that calendar ads are relatively simple, so they only consist of a title, URL, and body text. As with other types of ads, remember that your title should be engaging, your URL should instill confidence, and the text on your ad should help users make the right decision.

Remember, calendar ads don’t have an image or icon, so you don’t have to worry about finding this type of creatives for your new adverts.

Best Verticals for Calendar Push Ads

Push notifications were introduced years ago, but there have been many changes that have negatively affected their performance since then. With the introduction of calendar push ads, advertisers and publishers alike have found new ways to overcome the Chrome 80 updates as well as other changes that have an influence on their performance. 

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Even though calendar push ads have a high chance of producing excellent results for almost all verticals, there are some industries that provide stellar results when combined with this format. These verticals include:

  • Betting and gambling
  • Mobile app installs (iOS)
  • Cryptocurrencies and finance
  • Dating
  • Antivirus and mobile utilities
  • VPNs
  • Sweepstakes 

Calendar Push Ads Best Practices 2021

Many affiliates focus heavily on the images used in their ads, but calendar push notifications don’t actually include this type of creative. Therefore, you should test at least two or three versions of each ad from the very start of your campaign.

Not only this, but you should also test out different keywords even if they have a smaller volume as these may actually deliver a higher conversion rate. And, remember that you can personalize your ads by including a word that highlights the target audience’s location, like a city name or neighborhood. 

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How to Set Up and Run a Calendar Push Campaign

First of all, you need to log into ActiveRevenue.

To create campaign you need:

  • Find “Campaigns”
  • Press “Create a campaign”
  • Choose “Calendar Push”

Сampaign creation consists of four steps:

  1. On the 1st step you set the name, budget and bid 
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  1. On the 2nd you set all targeting options to find your target audience (GEOs, Operating Systems, Browsers, Device Types, Carriers and Time Targeting)
  1. On the 3rd step you are able to add Black or White List of Sources/IPs
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  1. The last 4th step is about creatives

          For Calendar Push you don’t need to use creatives, only text:


You can also add other optimization options to make your campaign successful (Blacklist by cost, Blacklist by clicks, Auto Bid Optimization)

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Once you press the button “Finish” your ad is going through a moderation process which takes about 15-20 mins. 

From our side, we’d add a few tips that could help you and make your work at ActiveRevenue productive:

  1. Don’t set time targeting (as well as it cuts the biggest amount of traffic) if you have no needs. If you have so, please, pay your attention that the time zone of the platform is PST.
  2. You can use optimization fields at the last step to avoid overspending:
  • Blacklist by cost: set the cost of the clicks and if the source reaches the sum you’ve set and gets no conversion, it will be blacklisted.
  • Blacklist by clicks/impressions: set amount of clicks/impressions and if the source reaches amount you’ve set and gets no conversion, it will be blacklisted
  • Auto Bid Optimization: you have to set ROI which you expect to get from the campaign and max bid. And the system will automatically set the price on auction to buy as much traffic as it’s possible (as the minimal bid will be taken into account bid, which you mentioned at the 1st step of campaign creation)

Ready to Learn More About Our New Ad Format? Contact ActiveRevenue Today!

Want to find out more about iOS push notifications? Our team of affiliate marketing experts will be glad to help. Contact ActiveRevenue today and book a consultation with our specialists to learn more.

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