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Becoming a successful affiliate marketer goes beyond earning a good reputation. The best affiliates in the game have the ability to adapt and can work in a variety of industries without compromising their results. These individuals also master the succinct art of choosing the best ad formats and learning how to use each one to its full potential.

With this in mind, up-and-coming marketers need to identify the industries they can thrive in and find the ad formats that deliver the best results. 

Below, we’ll go over the top ad formats that rising stars can use to become a successful affiliate.

Why Do You Need to Find the Best Ad Formats?

There are dozens of different elements that affect the performance of your ads. But, the most important aspect is the ad format you opt for. Users interact differently with the various ad formats available and each one of these can help achieve a specific goal.

Although there are many different formats, budding marketers should start by learning how to use a few at a time. This will help increase your profits quickly and set up various revenue streams before taking on new formats.

Hottest Industries in the World of Affiliate Marketing

Some ad formats deliver better results when paired with offers from certain verticals. Not to mention the fact that niches that are popular are more likely to have positive results — but competition can be extremely fierce.

While some verticals enjoy a temporary glimpse of the limelight, the best industries remain profitable year after year, regardless of the season. These are:

  • Dating: Regardless of the location, everyone wants to find love. Dating is a great industry for affiliates because it’s evergreen and offers excellent results when paired with ads that create a personal connection with users.
  • Health and Wellness: Maintaining a youthful, healthy appearance is also important to most consumers. And, this vertical is ideal for formats that don’t look like ads right away and offer useful information as part of the content.
  • Gaming: Gaming is all about graphics and entertainment value, so this industry works well with ads that have a lot of space for creatives and visual elements.
  • Technology: The technology industry is a global juggernaut, with smartphones and other consumer goods spearheading the industry. Consumers are usually out to get the best devices, so personalized messages and valuable content work best with this crowd.
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Top Ad Formats for Rising Stars

If you’re already having some success with your affiliate efforts, it’s time to start branching out and identifying the ad formats that will become your most valuable asset. 

Here are the top ad formats that talented affiliates should be choosing.

Pop-Under Ads

Pop-unders are one of the oldest types of ads out there, but they remain effective thanks to the widespread use of technology. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets allow for amazing graphics that, when used properly, can become a lead-generating machine. 

But, remember that some industries benefit more from content that doesn’t look like an ad right away. Your best bet in to choose gaming and similar verticals that require bigger creatives.

Native Ads

Native ads need to introduction because they have revolutionized the way affiliates communicate with consumers. This type of ad blends in with relevant content and usually features useful information that then links to the offer page. 

Besides reassuring the product, native ads also create a sustainable relationship with your audience. Users receive great advice and the opportunity to take advantage of the offer while you meet the requirements to receive your payout. 

Because of this, native ads are ideal for health and wellness, technology, and even some gaming offers. They have the power to create awareness but are also ideal for lead generation and direct sales offers. 

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Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to create personalised messages that are then delivered to mobile users like any other notice on their device. While it may sound simple, this ad format can help you build a powerful connection with your audience. And, in some verticals, it can have an open rate higher than 5%, making it twice as effective as most formats. 

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Needless to say, it produces superb results when paired with dating offers, but it can also perform well with entertainment, coupons, travel, as well as health and fitness campaigns.

Get in Touch with ActiveRevenue Today!

Succeeding in the affiliate world requires a lot of hard work. But, once you master the ad formats listed above, you’ll be closer to reaching the peak. If you want to learn more about these formats or out demand-side platform, get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

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