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From beginner marketers to seasoned veterans, all affiliates are familiar with on-click ads. Also known as pop-under ads, this format is among the most popular available, and for excellent reasons. They are affordable, have a high profit margin, and most importantly, can be extremely effective — if used correctly that is.

On-click ads have been around for some time, so consumers are used to most designs and approach types. But, this doesn’t mean this ad format isn’t a great tool. As a matter of fact, if used correctly, pop-unders can become a gold mine that doesn’t require a huge investment.

In this article, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand on-click traffic and help you build campaigns that convert.

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Are On-Click Ads Still Effective?

Just to put it in perspective,the average opt-in rate of an on-click is close to 2%, which is double that of banner ads. As a matter of fact, this ad format can provide CTRs as high as 7%, under the right circumstances of course.

In addition to this, these ads allow you to create big creatives and use high-resolution images. Consumers prefer to see branded ads from companies that support the same ideas as they do, so on-clicks are a great way to show your audience a more relatable side.

What You Need to Know About On-Click Ads

The secret of on-click ads is the massive display size they offer. But, there are other features and characteristics that make this ad format ideal for almost all situations.

For starters, on-click ads work well for both web and mobile traffic. They allow you to target a wide range of demographics, and they can send visitors directly to an offer or to a pre-lander. Additionally, you should always run split tests in your campaign to find the ad versions and combinations that work best.

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How to Convert On-Click Ads

Building an on-click campaign that performs well is easier said than done. To assist you, we’ve put together some tips to help you build a campaign that reels in more conversions.

Analyze Different GEOs and Markets

Offers usually limit the GEOs you can target, but make sure you check all options available. Some locations will offer lower conversion rates or higher costs, so you’ll want to maneuver around these and ensure you target the right audience. If you already have experience on one of the allowed GEOs, don’t be afraid to test out new areas at the same time – if your budget allows it of course.


Use Humor, But Be Careful!

On-clicks are so huge that you have a lot of space to fill. Many marketers opt for humor, which is usually a great choice. That said, make sure that your ads don’t come off as offensive or insensitive to anyone.

Build Completely Different Creative Sets

One of the downsides of being so big is that customers tend to remember your ads more vividly. This means that you’ll have to create completely different ad sets and rotate them periodically to avoid user fatigue.

Lean and Mean Content

Even in the digital world, clutter can have a negative effect on your visitors. To prevent this from happening, focus on creating lean and mean ads that serve their purpose without having unnecessary frills.

Use CTAs Wiseley

Similarly to the last point, packing your ad with CTAs can have an overwhelming effect on your target audience. Instead, don’t use more than two or three CTAs and remember to make them noticeable without going over the top.

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Ad Loading Time

While many companies focus on the loading time of their site, affiliates should do the same for their ads. Your ads’ loading time will have a direct impact on the performance of your campaign, so find ways to optimize your adverts for speed.

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Direct Offer and Pre-Lander Split Testing

If the offer allows it, you should run a split test and verify if your ads work best with a direct offer or by using a pre-lander. In most cases, pre-landers deliver better results, although there are some major exceptions!

Campaign Optimization

One of the great things of running an affiliate campaign is that you can edit it after launching. On-click campaigns are no exception. As a matter of fact, they require extensive optimization in order to reel in more conversions.

Contact ActiveRevenue and Launch an On-Click Campaign Today!

Pop-under ads are not new, but this ad format can still deliver excellent results if you know how to use it. The tips above should help you create a better on-click campaign without it costing a small fortune.

If you want to learn more about our DSP, get in touch and our team will be glad to help.

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