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Affiliates place a lot of focus on the quality of the traffic they buy, finding the best campaign structure, and the offers they work with. While all of these are of the utmost importance, moving into the world of mobile affiliate marketing is the natural evolution for any marketer transitioning to the next level.

If you’ve already put together a few successful campaigns and you want to increase profits, preparing a mobile campaign can exponentially increase your earnings. 

With this in mind, you should also learn what makes this demographic so special.

Below, we’ll discuss a few reasons why all affiliates should create a mobile campaign and tell you why this type of traffic is different from the rest.

Why is Mobile Advertising Different to All Others?

Despite their similarities, there’s a huge difference between building a desktop and mobile ads campaign. The best way to remember them is to think about the nature of smartphones and similar devices. Consumers usually carry these gadgets around, which makes them accessible at all times and extremely susceptible to personalization. 

Events like receive a notification or simply getting close to an establishment can help trigger personalized ads, which may produce higher conversion rates. In addition, you need to create graphic elements that are still visible on a screen that’s much smaller than desktop devices.

As long as you keep these seemingly small details in mind, you should be able to build a solid campaign while learning along the way.

8 Reasons Why Affiliates Should Master Mobile Advertising

Whether you’re a specialized marketer or a jack-of-all-trades, mastering the mobile side will help you add another ability to your skillset.

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Some of the reasons you should focus on these devices include:

Mobile Adoption Continues to Skyrocket

Back in 2016, mobile devices became the most popular way to access the internet and the trend hasn’t stopped since. With new mobile device manufacturers flooding the market and wireless carriers doing their best to keep up, it’s only natural that more people will be on mobile in the next few decades.


Less Competitive Field

Although it’s not a new trend, most affiliates remain focused on desktop devices. If you opt for mobile and in-app ads your ads will have less competition, which may potentially increase the number of conversions without costing more money.

Personalization and Targeting are Much Easier

As we mentioned before, mobile devices make consumers more open to advertising because they use them for leisure and professional purposes as well. Knowing location details and other data also makes customization easier, so you can create different personas and craft ads that speak to these individuals at a psychological level.

Higher Conversion Rates

Mobile ads tend to have higher conversion rates as well as CTRs than their desktop counterparts. Mobile push notifications, for instance, have an average click-through rate of almost 6%, which is much higher than web ads. That said, this can vary depending on the industry, so you’ll want to test the waters before making any significant investments.  

Worldwide Phenomenon

Mobile devices are flooding every country and continent on the planet. This also means that a lot of marketers will soon start focusing heavily on this type of traffic, so you should start moving towards it as soon as possible. 

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Requires Less Complex Creatives

The golden rule for all mobile creatives is to avoid clutter, which automatically means they are less complex than desktop ads. You just have to make sure they are still attractive, have good contrast, and that the product is visible on the average screen size.

Development is Getting Easier

Unlike desktop campaigns, there are no pre-landers and other templates readily available for mobile. That said, the more the market grows in popularity, the more resources start appearing. As a matter of fact, launching a mobile campaign is already easier than it was a few years ago, so familiarizing yourself with the best practices now will help you down the line.

You Have the Chance to Shape the Industry

Any savvy marketer that develops a new approach or technique can help shape this industry, which is still relatively new. If you have any great ideas, don’t be afraid to try them — just make sure they are ethical and sustainable in the long run!

Set Up Your Mobile Affiliate Campaign Now

It’s no secret that mobile devices and wireless internet access are both becoming more accessible to the masses. What’s more, affiliates need to adapt and learn how to make the most out of the elements that make smartphones and other gadgets so special.

Want to learn more about mobile affiliate marketing? Stay tuned or get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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