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Native ads emerged in 2011 and they have become one of the hottest advertising formats ever since. In simple terms, these ads blend in with the on-page content and allow you to deliver your message without raising any negative emotions.

Although they are inherently effective, setting up a native ads campaign is not easy. There are many elements you have to take into consideration, like the offer itself, type of traffic, and creative elements you choose. Not to mention the fact you have to avoid making costly mistakes that can basically ruin your campaign.

In this article, we’ll discuss 6 common native ads mistakes you should avoid making at all costs.

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Why are Native Ads Effective?

A whopping 7 out of 10 customers prefer learning about products through content rather than traditional advertising. This is the main reason why native ads have become such a hit.

Instead of stirring negative emotions like conventional adverts, native ads appear to be part of the content. Users are more open to interacting with your creatives, which improves engagement and your campaign’s overall performance.

That said, remember that the key to creating a successful native campaign is to learn how to use this ad format properly. If done correctly, users shouldn’t notice any differences between your ad and the content on the page. But, you still have to disclose the fact that’s an ad in order to avoid potential issues down the line.

Native Ads Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Despite the fact that native is now a sensation in the affiliate world, many marketers struggle to implement this ad format. There is a huge amount of resources and data available, but you have to take the time to learn about native ads and how consumers interact with them in order to design a great campaign.

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Here are 6 mistakes that can you should avoid when launching a native ads campaign.

Failing to Understand How Native Ads Fit In

As mentioned before, native ads are effective because they appear to be part of the content on a website. This means that your ads should always be relevant to the rest of the content. For instance, placing gaming ads on a health and fitness website may give away your advert instantly.

Instead, make sure your ad follows the general topic of the platform where it’s being placed. As a general rule of thumb, the closer the more relevant the ad, the more effective it will be.

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Using Unedited Stock Images

The reason why stock images are not very engaging is that they are hard to relate to. This is even truer if you employ unedited images you found in a paid or free gallery.

Many marketers have to rely on stock images for one reason or another. But, instead of using unedited photos, invest some time into improving them and making them look a bit more original. Moreover, take the time to find uncommon imagery or figure out how to employ unconventional pictures in your creative.

Designs that Don’t Engage

Although ads can be attractive, it doesn’t mean they are automatically engaging. Your creatives play a major role in your campaign, so you need to employ designs that engage users and entice them to interact with your ads.

Inappropriate Disclosure

Like all types of paid marketing, native ads require a disclosure in order to be transparent. Ads that are not clearly marked as such may be seen as misleading, which will permanently damage your reputation as well as the advertiser’s image.

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Using a Direct Sales Pitch

Native ads can serve a variety of purposes, like building leads or bolstering your brand image. But, you should never use a direct sales pitch if you want to build a successful campaign. For native, you should use an indirect approach that nudges users in the right direction, rather than delivering a salesy advert.

Not Taking the Time to Optimize

Like all other types of online advertising, native campaigns require regular optimization. This allows you to identify the ads and elements that are providing positive results. You’ll also find out which parts of your ads or campaign as a whole is not performing well, which will help you create better ads, find the right schedule, or toggle your targeting settings properly.

Take Your Native Ads Campaign to the Next Level

There’s no question that native ads are here to stay, so all savvy marketers need to learn how to create a successful campaign using this ad format. The tips above should help you avoid any major mistakes that can lay waste on your current and future efforts.

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