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MyLead is a global affiliate network that offers about 2000 campaigns from over a dozen of categories. At the moment about 100 hundred thousand publishers from all over the world work with MyLead. All of them continually seek better and better solutions to improve their performance on MyLead. Here they come with some pieces of advice for you!

If you’re one of those publishers…

There are many types of publishers that work with affiliate networks like MyLead. There are the lazy ones, there are those who have their favourite way of promoting campaigns (like CPA) and they won’t change it. But there are also those who own a website or an app.

Some of MyLead’s publishers prefer to limit their actions to advertisements placed on their websites and apps. Thanks to this, their users can take advantage of a given offer generating additional profit. The subject of a given website should be consistent with the products or services promoted in it, so often publishers from this category run their rankings, comparison websites and other pages on which many campaigns from a given industry are posted. Publishers who operate in this way can place banners on their websites, including push notifications… Right, push notifications.

Push notifications come with a helping hand

ActiveRevenue’s site says that “push notifications provide convenience and value traffic for mobile advertisers”. But what exactly are push notifications?

Push notifications are messages sent via mobile applications. They’ve been around since 2009, and Apple is considered their creator.

How do push notifications help in MyLead publishers work2

You certainly know them very well – even Messenger sends them. They appear in the notification panel and are usually the first thing you see when you unlock your phone.

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Push notifications are often compared to text messages as they appear directly on the phone’s screen and look similar. However, they are much shorter.

These days, push notifications are a great help when it comes to affiliate marketing. More and more publishers use them when promoting a particular product or service chosen from any of MyLead’s campaigns.

Why are push notifications better than emailing or text messages?

Each marketing tool has its advantages as well as limitations. Web push notifications have the advantage that they allow you to reach places where email or text messages usually can’t. In other words – their functions allow you to increase the effectiveness of your MyLead’s campaigns.

Push notification, in-app ads and their advantages

Their keynote is the ability to send notifications to users of various apps on mobile devices – as a result of the appearance of a given activity. For example – Instagram sends you a notification when someone likes your picture, etc.

How do push notifications help in MyLead publishers work3

Smartphones’ owners do not use more than half of the downloaded apps, hence why the task of the publishers is to remind them about the existence of a given app. In this situation  the “push” notifications are great, since they remind about the existence of the application by informing about:

  • new activities
  • special offers,
  • abandoned shopping carts.

Push notifications are displayed on the phone’s home screen, no matter if the user is currently active or not.

In-app ads are one of the most popular monetization methods in ActiveRevenue’s offer. To put it simply, these are text or banner ads displayed in the application (while you are using it). The mobile advertising segment is growing, it’s becoming a titbit for marketers, especially for affiliate publishers, mainly due to the ability to reach a well-selected audience.

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How does ActiveRevenue actually help in publisher’s work and what option should I choose?

Working with MyLead affiliate network and then connecting it with ActiveRevenue’s tools allows you to display affiliate ads of your chosen campaigns in the application. As part of the affiliate network, you can promote other applications, advertise products via banners or advertise products in an in-app store.

You don’t have to decide on one of ActiveRevenue’s particular offer. Using the full potential of all of the available tools is always much more effective for any MyLead affiliate network’s publisher. In order to take full advantage of the power of a coordinated campaign, it is worth combining push notifications with messages inside the application. The idea is to reach users in multiple channels. This will allow the optimization of advertising costs, minimizing the possibility of users not reading the message.

If you want to choose affiliate marketing as a foundation of your advertising efforts, join MyLead affiliate network for free now. Become one of many satisfied publishers and start sending push notifications to your potential customers!

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