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It’s no secret that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money doing something that you’re passionate about. There are dozens upon dozens of verticals that you can specialize in, but the dating industry has proven to be an evergreen alternative that produces great results. That said, getting started with the dating vertical is not always straightforward, especially because it’s already a ripe industry.

At ActiveRevenue, we specialize in helping affiliates in the dating vertical acquire high-quality traffic at competitive prices. In this article, we’ll go over the steps you should follow to launch a successful campaign in the dating vertical.


The Dating Vertical Explained

Before going over the instructions, it’s important to understand a few elements about this industry and how it works today.

The dating vertical encompasses all types of dating sites and apps, including those focusing on casual as well as long-term relationships. As we mentioned before, this vertical is evergreen, which means that it can produce great results year-round. That said, the dating industry is also affected by seasonal fluctuations and mass holidays such as Valentine’s Day. 

Dating app developers and site owners develop affiliate campaigns to increase the number of users they attract, but the payout, type of content allowed, and other details vary from one advertiser to the next. 

Lastly, the dating vertical is competitive because it’s been around for a while. But, the development of new devices and apps as well as the gamification of dating platforms have kept consumers interested in the vertical. Future projections show that these trends will remain the same, which makes this vertical a great alternative for all types of affiliates. 

How to Start in the Dating Vertical in 2022

Starting in the affiliate vertical takes a lot of research, plus you have to invest a few additional resources to create your first batch of content. Note that, with some adjustments, you should be able to recycle the pieces of content you create into similar campaigns a few times over. 

Additionally, remember that all affiliates are different. We will share general steps that you will probably have to follow, but remember to take the time to analyze each step and adjust it to your specific scenario. 

Choose the Best CPA Network 

The best dating offers are usually found in leading CPA networks. According to our internal research, VortexAds has become one of the leading CPA networks for the dating vertical, although they also specialize in the gambling industry. So, we will focus on VortexAds and use it as an example in this article.


Let’s take a look at three areas you want to look at when choosing the best network for your campaigns.

Basic Elements

The first thing you should look at is the network’s basic elements. You should evaluate the quality of the advertisers, the payout structures and frequency, the creatives you get with each offer, and the support that’s provided to affiliates. VortexAds provides stellar features in each one of these categories, which makes it a great fit for affiliates that need a stable, high-quality environment to monetize their traffic. 

Advanced Features

Advanced features vary depending on each platform. Here are some of the top-notch abilities available on VortexAds to get a good idea of what you should be looking for:

  • Offers from exclusive advertisers
  • Partnerships with direct advertisers available
  • Ability to run campaigns on Facebook and Google UAC with WebView
  • Weekly payments for affiliates
  • Personalized support available 24/7
  • Internal tracker to monitor campaign performance


Last, but certainly not least, you need to ensure that the CPA network has high-quality offers that are suitable for your audience. You should closely look at the payout structure, conversion flow (single opt-in or SOI, double opt-in or DOI, etc.), and how much you get paid for each conversion. 

Here are some of the top offers we found on VortexAds:

  • FlingPals – [USA] – CPL – SOI – Payout Desktop – $4, Mobile – $2
  • Meet-n-hook – [France, New Zealand] – CPL – SOI – Payout $2.50
  • GeheimerFick – [Germany] – CPL – SOI – Payout Desktop – $5, Mobile – $4
  • Fuckbuds – [Canada] – CPL – DOI – Payout Desktop – $6, Mobile – $5

If you want to get the highest bid on the offers above without having to pay for a commission, you can enter our exclusive promotion code “WithLoveFromAR” in the field labeled “how did you hear from us?” or by telling your account manager. This code will be active until February 28th, so don’t miss out!

Identify Your Ideal Target Audience


Choosing the audience of a dating campaign may seem simple, but there are numerous segments you can focus on. You should always look at your offer as your first point of call when choosing the audience and then start narrowing it down from there. 

Determine Which Traffic Sources You’ll Use

Just like CPA networks, there are countless traffic sources. Every affiliate is different, so make sure to evaluate each alternative to find the best option for your specific case. At ActiveRevenue, we’ve helped affiliates build successful campaigns by providing them with top-notch traffic, so our team is always here to help. 

Develop Content Customized for the Target Audience


Now that you have your audience data available, you can start building content for the different channels you’ll leverage. If you’re opting for the offers we listed above, note that these include mobile, desktop, and hybrid traffic, so adjust your creatives accordingly. 

Monitor and Optimize Your Campaign

Remember to set up an optimization schedule and monitor your campaign to ensure that it’s delivering results as expected. 

Want to Start a Dating Campaign? ActiveRevenue Is Here to Help

Ready to launch your dating campaign? Get in touch with our team of affiliate experts and get the best traffic for your ads now.

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