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We are all familiar with the term “summer sales” mainly thanks to the retail industry. This phrase is now applicable to every industry, making summer one of the most important seasons for marketers around the world.

And, as you can imagine, affiliates are no exception.

With all this in mind, putting together a summertime strategy isn’t always easy. There’s a significant amount of competition, not to mention the fact that consumers don’t spend as much time in front of their computers. Luckily, choosing the right verticals can exponentially increase your chances of success.

Below, we’ll go over 5 hot industries that can help you build a scorching-hot summer campaign.


Why is Summer a Great Time to Run Affiliate Campaigns?

Before delving into the verticals that will help you create a brilliant campaign, it’s important to understand why this season is so good for affiliates in particular. 

Summer is a great time for marketers because:

Mobile Devices Stay On

Although it’s true that desktop traffic drops during summer, mobile devices are on and ready to help people enjoy their time off. You may even argue that some will use their mobile devices even more than they usually do.

As an affiliate, you should always create mobile campaigns, but keep in mind there are verticals that can also profit from desktop versions during this time of the year.

Users are In a Positive State of Mind

Not all places have marked seasons, but summer fever is a global phenomenon. There are always exceptions, but most people look forward to these holidays, make travel plans, and are more willing to spend money than during any season.

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It’s Always Summer Somewhere

Even if you think it’s too late to start your campaign, remember that the seasons vary depending on each location. If summer is almost done wherever you are, explore other areas and create a campaign targeting these locations — as long as your offer allows it!


5 Hot Industries for a Scorching Summer Affiliate Campaign

As we mentioned before, choosing the right verticals is almost as important as the timing of your ads. Most advertisers are aware of the seasonal boost as well, so they design special summer offers that may include higher payouts, bonuses, and other benefits for affiliates.

Here are 5 verticals that can help you build a superb summer campaign.


There are millions of people using dating apps and websites in all corners of the world. Moreover, summer is the time of the year that sees the most traffic, which means that consumers are more susceptible to the idea of opening an account and paying for a subscription. 

With the right structure, you’ll be able to net a huge number of conversions without the need for a massive investment.

Tech, Wearables, and Retail in General

Besides beach bodies, summer is the perfect time to show off a new gadget, accessory, or piece of clothing. This, in turn, means that affiliates can use the season to push retail products in general. And, due to the number of accidents, it’s also a great idea to find offers from tech insurance and protection providers.

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Long drives, train rides, and flights are staples of seasonal traveling. For affiliates, this should translate to gaming, gaming, and gaming. That said, remember that most users won’t have a good internet connection, so you want to find games that can be played offline or with a poor connection.

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Nutra and Weight-Loss

Weight-loss and nutra offers are also great options for summer, for obvious reasons. Besides getting in shape, these products focus on skin health and natural beauty as a whole, both of which attract consumers during this season. And, it’s also normal for advertisers to roll out a variety of great offers, which makes this industry a definite must.

Financial and Currency Exchange

Financial transactions and currency exchanges occur every day. But, more people on holiday means an increase in both of these, making them a great choice for affiliates. That said, cracking both industries requires some know-how, so take your time and design a campaign that entices users in the right demographics.

Get the Best DSP for Your Affiliate Campaign Today!

Creating an affiliate strategy for summer is a sure-fire way to increase your chances of success. With this in mind, you should carefully select the industry and offers you want to work with as these will directly impact the performance of your campaign. 

The tips above should help you understand why this season is great for affiliates and choose the best verticals for your campaign. If you want to learn more about ActiveRevenue and our DSP, get in touch with us today and our team will be glad to help.

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