For many affiliates, the most important decision they need to make is which industry to choose for their next campaigns. Prior to the pandemic, there were many budding industries and well-established specialties that provided sure-fire options in terms of performance. However, the economic crisis has caused entire verticals to collapse, so marketers need to be more careful and consider working with industries that have performed well since the early days of COVID restrictions.

It’s true that COVID-19 has changed the way online consumers behave, but this doesn’t mean that people aren’t making purchases anymore. As a matter of fact, there’s still a handful of industries that have a very high chance of delivering superb performance. By working with offers in these verticals, you can keep your audiences more engaged and improve your chances of success.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the effects of COVID-19 on different verticals and go over our picks for the best pandemic-proof industries affiliates can target in 2021.

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The Financial Impact of the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis

The COVID-19 global health crisis brought the world to a standstill for much of 2020, but the economic fallout has proven to be just as severe as the pandemic itself. 

According to experts, the pandemic has cost more than 76 billion US dollars in monetary losses since it first began and that number will likely rise exponentially over the next few months. However, regardless of how unlike it may seem, some industries have actually thrived due to the unique scenarios brought forth by COVID.

What COVID-Proof Verticals Should You Target in 2021?

Let’s take a look at some of the COVID-proof verticals that affiliates should target the rest of this year and in 2021.

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According to recent projections, consumers in the US will spend 3 billion dollars every day on ecommerce during Thanksgiving week. This will smash the records set for Black Friday online sales last year and this trend will likely remain the same in 2021. Consumers are abandoning physical retail shopping and ecommerce is the industry that’s positioned to benefit the most from this.

Healthcare Services

Some reports suggest that healthcare services aren’t going to be affected by the pandemic, at least not negatively. But, keep in mind that many healthcare facilities around the world are being used for treating COVID, so review your offers and contact the network or traffic source to ensure that this won’t affect your ads before launching.


Needless to say, consumers are now paying a lot of attention to their health and ensuring that they have coverage in case they were to get ill. Healthcare insurance solutions are among the best products to promote in 2021, just make sure you work with a reliable provider that offers competitive prices.

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In addition to consumers’ newfound attention to their health, the pharmaceutical industry is also experiencing a nice boost thanks to the development of many COVID vaccines. So, there’s never been a better time to work with a pharmaceutical offer from a reliable provider.


Gaming consoles, smartphones, and similar products have remained among the most popular products being sold today. Affiliates that work with technology offers can expect the same results in 2021, regardless of how the vaccine distribution process and pandemic evolve.

Food Delivery Services

Food delivery apps experienced a mini-golden age in 2020 and that vogue shows no signs of slowing down this coming year. That said, pay close attention to the GEO being targeted as some areas, like major cities, are already saturated, making it really hard to convert.

Renewable Energy

Solar, thermal, and other forms of renewable, alternative energy have maintained their projected growth, so these programs also offer a great alternative for 2021.

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Home Accessories (Gym and Office)

Thanks to the pandemic, it’s common for consumers to stay at home while working and exercising. While some individuals have always maintained different accessories in their houses, the health crisis increased the popularity of both home gym and home office products. 

Plus, it’s likely that this will remain the same throughout 2021 as businesses keep testing remote working and consumers get into the routine of working out at home.

Financial and Forex

Despite the fact that international stock markets have suffered extreme fluctuations over the last few months, the financial vertical has shown the ability to generate significant profits for stakeholders that have learned how to read the patterns and make the right adjustments.

Find Out More About the Best Affiliate Verticals for 2021

Want to learn more about the best affiliate verticals for 2021? Contact ActiveRevenue and our team will be glad to help you launch your next campaign.

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