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Something is in fashion, something is out of fashion, and there is something that will last forever. Dating vertical and offers will be relevant always, whatever happens in the world. Today we share with you new case study from Mary Panchishna, Account Manager at ActiveRevenue. Let’s learn

“Despite the fact that everybody thought dating industry would die because of social distancing – nowadays it still proves to be an evergreen vertical!

As of 2021, there are 30.4 million online dating users only in the US and that’s exactly the reason why it is one of the mosty “juicy” verticals for affiliates.

And we think that ActiveRevenue DSP can’t leave newcomers and affiliate “sharks” without another round of tricks and tips!

Dating offers can come in both mainstream and adult formats.

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Our main goal was to spot our target audience interests for our client to create appropriate creatives and landing pages.

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First of all, after testing several creative styles, we managed to find one that performed better than others and rotated those creatives frequently. We also insisted on creating an engaging landing page to decrease a drop rate and keep users interested.

Secondly, it is crucial to test many different sources and always track your results to measure campaign effectiveness. Therefore, our team always stayed in touch with a client to optimize campaign in a timely manner.

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Here you can see how gradually we received more and more clicks sticking to the strategy.

So with all love and loyalty to our readers, we gathered most important tips which help us and our partners to succeed in such a competitive field like dating.

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It can’t be stressed enough that creatives are very important in promoting dating campaigns because as we know users always buy with their EYES.

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True love stories never have endings so does our dedication to the clients.
Make your dating offer profit with ActiveRevenue DSP!”

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