First automated tracking system is integrated with ActiveRevenue.

LandingTrack is an automated tracker for Media Buyers, Affiliate marketers, and Performance agencies. 

Are you fed up with having multiple tabs open to cross-reference traffic?  TOCBOT is the solution. It is a completely automated system that controls and manages all traffic from just one platform, freeing up your time to concentrate on the important aspects of your business.

Track + Auto-optimization platform – One Stop Solution!

Top Features:

  • Automate all your traffic sources. Activate a campaign and pause the campaign from LandingTrack.
  • Full Integration with all Traffic Sources
  • Automatic Rules: block non-converting subids, control your budgets 24/7.
  • API integration with ClickDealer – Mobidea – AmorAds -Mobusi – SmashMyAds – Affise and Offerslook partners – import thousands of offers with a few clicks.
  • Mobile responsive: everything you can do on Desktop, try it on Mobile.
  • Bot detector: although is impossible to block 100% bot traffic we got you covered.
  • Offers Cap: finally a good solution to manage your caps.
  • AI-Algorithm: build your own SmartLink.
  • Funnel builder: control every single click and send it to the right offer.
  • Prelanding system: add your prelanding and A/B test

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