For many affiliates, the most important decision they need to make is which industry to choose for their next campaigns. Prior to the pandemic, there were many budding industries and well-established specialties that provided sure-fire options in terms of performance. However, the economic crisis has
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Affiliates have to consider a huge range of elements when choosing their offers. That said, the location of the program is perhaps the most important variable you need to keep in mind. Not only does it define the language, but the target GEOs will also
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The internet has allowed for the development of dozens of different ad formats, ranging from simple banners to video content and everything in between. But, not many formats have the power to forge a bond with the target audience like mobile push notifications.  Simply put,
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Christmas and New Year’s Day are both very special holidays for billions of people around the world. While the festivities revolve around spending time with loved ones, it’s also become one of the best seasons for business owners in almost all verticals. And, even though
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The affiliate ecosystem consists of a wide variety of stakeholders that work harmoniously to deliver the best experience for advertisers and consumers. Publishers play a crucial role because they develop the content that ultimately attracts web users, but selling this traffic directly isn’t always feasible.
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There are dozens of different ad formats affiliates can work with, but not many of them can match the performance of push notifications. In addition to delivering personalized ads at crucial times, push notifications have the ability to build an almost intimate relationship with users.
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Affiliate Gambling Offers 6
Although it’s true that technology has rejuvenated a huge number of industries, widespread adoption of modern mobile devices has launched the gambling vertical into a golden age. The online gambling industry alone was evaluated at almost 54 billion US dollars in 2019. Many experts believe
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How to Build a Successful Black Friday Campaign in 2020
Black Friday is one of the most exciting annual sales events in the US and other parts of the world. Born from a relatively dark past, the term now represents a great opportunity for consumers who want to get great deals, advertisers who want to
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It’s no secret that 2020 has been a tough year for most businesses and entrepreneurs. While COVID-19 has taken up all the headlines, the global economic downturn and slow recovery have had profound impacts that will likely last years, if not decades. With the above
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How to Narrow Down Your Audiences title
All entrepreneurs worth their salt are familiar with the audiences they want to target. That said, transforming this knowledge into practical actions isn’t always straightforward, especially if you’re running an affiliate marketing campaign. Like other forms of paid advertising, choosing the right targeting settings for
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7 Techniques Title
There are many huge differences between conventional advertising and digital marketing tactics, but the most important one may be the ability to edit your ads after they have been published. A few decades ago, changing a small element of your creatives represented thousands of dollars
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Monetize Pop Traffic Title 01
Pop ads were first introduced back in the late 1990s and this format has remained a staple in the world of digital marketing since. Many marketers have expressed doubts about the longevity of this format, but the truth is that the performance of pop ads
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