Being a successful affiliate marketer requires an extensive amount of research and constant campaign monitoring. By optimizing their campaigns, these marketing specialists ensure that they get the best results from the resources they have at hand. That said, there are many well-known metrics that affiliates
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We continue to share useful tips from our account managers with you. Today Anastasia Syniuta will tell you why it is really important to test all types of traffic available on the platform. “I have been working with people for about 5 years and I
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There are many different elements that impact the performance of your affiliate ads. From the keywords you use to the location where your ads are being displayed and the format they’re presented in, all of these affect performance in one way or another. However, not
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Account managers are the best friends of any Affiliate Marketer. They know everything you need to make your ad work and generate high profits. Therefore, we decided to open a section of advice from our cool team. So today we meet Mary Panchishna, Account Manager
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From pop to push and everything in between, affiliates have a wide selection of traffic types to work with. That said, the world of affiliate marketing is always evolving, so marketers need to stay updated with the latest formats in order to be successful. Injection
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Have you ever experienced the drive to start a business without knowing exactly what type of company you want to establish? That’s the same feeling that millions of potential affiliates experience every day. Setting up a business and becoming an affiliate marketer are both extremely
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Mobile users have become the leading type of traffic on a global scale, accounting for approximately 55% of all online interactions. And, even though this number varies depending on the region, there’s no denying that the adoption of mobile devices is still growing. Add to
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There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the world forever. Even with the development of a vaccine and the potential for everything to go back to “pre-COVID-19” times, the global health crisis has generated trillions of dollars in losses across multiple industries. One of
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One of the many differences between conventional advertising and digital marketing is that the latter allows you to adjust your promotion campaign after it’s live. So, instead of waiting to see results after they have been launched, modern marketers have to pay close attention to
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Just a couple of decades ago, blogs were regarded as a casual platform that some businesses leveraged to connect with their customers. Since then, blogging has become one of the most popular pastimes as well as an essential activity performed by companies, individuals, and of
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Digital content publishers are responsible for generating a significant portion of all internet traffic. Although every platform is different, all publishers want to find the best monetization methods in order to continue developing great content and improving user experience. That said, finding the best ad
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Evolving from a beginner marketer to an expert affiliate takes a significant amount of time and effort. In addition to developing campaigns and learning what elements resonate with consumers, affiliates also have to familiarize themselves with a seemingly endless list of industry terms. Learning advanced
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