Whether we’re analyzing advertisers, publishers, or even networks, all stakeholders in the advertising industry want to find the best way to connect with consumers. There is no doubt that finding one channel that allows you to connect with different, highly-engaged audiences is challenging. However, at
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Affiliate Strategy
One of the best parts of being an affiliate marketer is the ability to work with traffic from virtually any location or vertical. That said, there are many elements that affiliates need to monitor in order to increase their chances of being successful, including the
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“People love gossip. It’s the biggest thing that keeps the entertainment industry going.” – Ellen DeGeneres.  That is why today we’re going to discuss a very popular vertical among affiliates – Gossip.  Gossip portals are known to be a pop culture catalyst, they connect an
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Demand-side platforms or DSPs have become an essential part of the affiliate ecosystem because it allows media buyers and other stakeholders to acquire and monetize traffic easily. However, DSPs come in a huge variety of metaphorical shapes and sizes, so you need to choose the
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Reuven Alayev
It’s time for a new batch of tips from our account managers. Today Reuven Alayev, Account Manager at ActiveRevenue, told us how to successfully start your journey in media buying and what you need to pay special attention to. Let’s find out! How To Choose
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The widespread adoption of smartphones and other innovative devices has fueled the demand for digital products. While this industry is relatively young, digital utilities and applications generated hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the VPN and antivirus
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Being a successful affiliate marketer requires an extensive amount of research and constant campaign monitoring. By optimizing their campaigns, these marketing specialists ensure that they get the best results from the resources they have at hand. That said, there are many well-known metrics that affiliates
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Nastya 2
We continue to share useful tips from our account managers with you. Today Anastasia Syniuta will tell you why it is really important to test all types of traffic available on the platform. “I have been working with people for about 5 years and I
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There are many different elements that impact the performance of your affiliate ads. From the keywords you use to the location where your ads are being displayed and the format they’re presented in, all of these affect performance in one way or another. However, not
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Account managers are the best friends of any Affiliate Marketer. They know everything you need to make your ad work and generate high profits. Therefore, we decided to open a section of advice from our cool team. So today we meet Mary Panchishna, Account Manager
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Article 1
From pop to push and everything in between, affiliates have a wide selection of traffic types to work with. That said, the world of affiliate marketing is always evolving, so marketers need to stay updated with the latest formats in order to be successful. Injection
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Have you ever experienced the drive to start a business without knowing exactly what type of company you want to establish? That’s the same feeling that millions of potential affiliates experience every day. Setting up a business and becoming an affiliate marketer are both extremely
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