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Who is Active Revenue? Active Revenue DSP is a self-serve DSP which allows advertisers access to high performing ad units, granular targeting, real-time bidding on CPM/CPC and multiple optimization capabilities. The available ad-formats are: 1- Push Notification 2- Native 3- Banner /Display 4- Zero Click
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Binom blog
In a world full of unnamed and useless software, we are proud to introduce you with one of the best self-hosted tracker solutions currently on the market – Binom tracker. These guys do know what they are doing, for almost three years they were in the
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Article 21.2.19
In-app advertising spend is set to surpass $200 billion by the year 2021. What’s more,97% of all mobile advertising spend goes to in-app ads, making it one of the fastest growing formats out there. Considering the fact that consumers spend 90% of their mobile time
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Article 13.2.19
The online dating industry generated close to 3 billion US dollars in 2018. And, this number is projected to grow at more than 5.5% every-year until the year 2021. Needless to say, dating platforms are becoming extremely popular. Folks are turning to the internet to
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Considering the fact that most people use 30+ apps every month, it’s easy for some of these applications to get lost in the crowd. Luckily, push notification campaigns have emerged as one of the best ways to engage and interact with mobile users, regardless of
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Article 30.1.19 2
We have upgraded the report’s logic for Pop,PPR and Push campaigns and added a new macro for perfect optimization. From now on, we highly recommend you to use {source_subid} macro for all of your relevant campaigns and optimize accordingly.This is a much more efficient way
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Article 24.1.19 1
Push Notification is currently the hottest ad-format in the industry. It integrates with the users’ daily use of their device and shows high engagement rate and CR. You should definitely start your Push activity soon and see what the buzz is all about. Stage 1
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ActiveRevenue wants to update you that a lot of Display in-app traffic is coming in! So if you were waiting for the right moment to run an in-app campaign now is the time. Recommendations for your Display in-app campaign:  1. Format: Display in-app2. Ad size: 320*50, Interstitial
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Keitaro 21.2.19
Keitaro is a universal traffic tracker for CPA and affiliate marketing.   Keitaro allows:- to park domains and use them as campaign links;- upload local landing pages and open them without redirects;- send postbacks from order forms on a website to a tracker and affiliate   
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CPV Lab Pro 1
CPV Lab Pro Exclusive Deal for Active Revenue members CPV Lab Pro is a self-hosted tracking system, secure and flexible. It can be used by new affiliate marketers or professionals! Fast redirects and multiple campaign types are available, depending on user’s needs.CPV Lab Pro – can easily
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Push Guide 8.1.19
Do you know that 71% of all app uninstalls are caused by push notifications? If you  want to change this statistic, then you need to act: 1. Send personalized push notifications, tailored to your users’ interests Your users should think that the push notification is for
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Redtrack tracker
Our new partner Redtrack.io,SaaS ad tracking tool has announced a special Christmas offer for our advertisers.RedTrack.io is an easy-to-use affiliate campaign tracking and analytics platform. The tracker is designed for affiliate marketers and media buyers to tackle complex performance and data tracking using a single and
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