Affiliate marketing emerged in the mid-1990s and it has become one of the most popular forms of advertising since its inception. Today, 4 out of 5 companies work with at […]

Affiliate marketers have dozens of different tools they can use to build winning campaigns. But, very few of them have received the attention or praise that pre-landers have. Pre-landers are […]

The global video game industry generated more than 135 billion US dollars in 2018 and it shows no signs of slowing down. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the […]

From beginner marketers to seasoned veterans, all affiliates are familiar with on-click ads. Also known as pop-under ads, this format is among the most popular available, and for excellent reasons. […]

Native ads emerged in 2011 and they have become one of the hottest advertising formats ever since. In simple terms, these ads blend in with the on-page content and allow […]

The affiliate marketing industry is worth almost 6.5 billion US dollars, and it constitutes a solid 15% of the total revenue generated by digital marketing. Becoming an affiliate is now […]

There are hundreds of thousands of affiliates that operate in dozens of different industries across the world. From technology and dating to retail, gaming, and nutraceuticals, there are many different […]

Location-targeted ads alone generated more than 15 billion US dollars in 2018. While this is impressive, it’s just one of the many targeting options you have at your disposal. Successful […]

Affiliate marketing generates 15% of the digital marketing industry’s total revenue. This translates to billions of dollars worth of profits, so there’s no denying that it’s an important part of […]

The average click-through rate for push notifications across all devices stands at 7.8%, which is quite impressive. This is one of the many reasons why this ad format is becoming […]

Affiliates can choose from a variety of holidays and celebrations that allow them to launch a seasonal campaign, but not all of them are as colorful or fun as Easter. […]

Sweepstakes promotions have been around for a long time. But, thanks to the widespread of smart devices, sweepstakes have become a digital sensation that consumers simply love. And, they also […]