Push notifications have evolved from an innovative type of ad to one of the most popular formats used today. Almost all publishers employ push notifications or one of its derivatives because they are all extremely profitable. But, consumers in some areas are starting to get used to this type of ad, so successful affiliates need to find the industries and locations that give them the highest chances of success.

Top performing geos and verticals2

ActiveRevenue is one of the leading affiliate push networks, so our team is familiar with the variables that influence the performance of this type of ad. In this article, we’ll go over the top-performing locations and the best verticals for push notification campaigns.

The Current State of Push Notifications

Before going any further, let’s take a quick look at the current state of push notifications.

As we mentioned earlier, some consumers are starting to get used to push notifications. This phenomenon has led many to believe that the best days of push ads are far behind. But, the truth is that the elements that made push notifications a top ad format are either the same or have been improved over the last few years.

These include:

Better Engagement

Push notification ads can now include rich media elements like thumbnails and emojis, which has helped them maintain high engagement levels despite significant changes, for instance, the adoption of new smartphone technology.

Extensive Reach

Because they appear like device notifications, push ads are effective in all languages and regions. Users interact with push notifications without developing any advertising-related misconceptions, regardless of where they are.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Industries

Top performing geos and verticals3

While it’s true that there are some industries that push notifications may not be suitable for, this type of ad can be used in a wide range of verticals. We will cover the top industries in detail later on, but some of the verticals with great performance that didn’t make our list include sports betting, gambling, and utilities, among many others.

Top Performing GEOs and Verticals for Push Notifications

Just like culture and cuisine, consumer behavior can differ drastically depending on the area being targeted.

For example, when you compare the performance of one product in two markets that are fairly similar, it’s common to see that some verticals perform extremely well in one and not so much in the other. Because of this, you also have to pay close attention to the industries or verticals you’re working with.

Let’s go over our picks for the best locations and verticals for push campaigns.

Top GEOs

The top GEOs in terms of profitability include:

1. United Kingdom/United States

The first place is a tie between the US and the UK, but note that both of these markets feature savvy users that have plenty of experience with push ads. This means that these consumers are much harder to convert, but the good news is that each conversion is also more valuable than average.

2. France

As the US and UK, French users are a bit harder to engage with and expect stellar content from their publishers. Also one of the top GEOs in terms of revenue potential, many affiliates that don’t speak French opt to work with translators when targeting this location for the first time.

3. Mexico

Mexico is not as difficult to convert as the US and France, but it’s more complex and profitable than other countries in the same region. With more than 128 million people, Mexico is one of the biggest Spanish-speaking markers that affiliates can target in their push campaigns.

Best Verticals

As for the top verticals, we’re adhering to the classic trio of online dating, financial/crypto services, and the health and nutrition industry.

1. Online Dating

Online dating has become a normal activity, which has fueled the growth of the vertical. Today, it’s by far the most iconic vertical for push campaigns given how personal and intimate the notifications feel upon delivery.

Top performing geos and verticals5

2. Financial Services and Crypto

New-wave financial services and cryptocurrency exchanges are changing the way consumers manage and invest their money. Push notification affiliates can benefit greatly from this movement and promote these offers in exchange for hefty commissions.

3. Health and Nutrition

Like the other two industries in our top 3, the health and nutrition vertical is an evergreen field that you can promote year-round through affiliate marketing.

Ready to Launch Your Push Campaign?

Developing a successful push campaign requires a significant amount of research and preparation. But, as long as you understand your audience, choose the best vertical, and target the right locations, you should be able to set up push ad campaigns that produce stellar results.

To learn more about running a push notification campaign, get in touch with ActiveRevenue today.

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