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How to choose GEO for your next affiliate campaign?

Nowadays, everybody’s thinking about how to expand their business in new realities of 2021. Due to the situation in the world we see a huge change in popular GEOs and sometimes it can be tricky when starting a new media buying campaign.

But in this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular geos and ad formats in affiliate marketing in 2021 to give you ideas to start 2022 successfully!

Advertisers and affiliate marketers are used to getting traffic from specific GEOs based on their goals and experience in the field. However, the industry trends and consumers needs are rapidly changing and to keep up with them, one should always be ready to check new opportunities for business growth.

Therefore, we want to remind you about available advertising options on ActiveRevenue DSP.

Push notifications are the most important channel used by business owners to communicate with their users.
It is not just a simple message delivery, now it is an interactive way of communication!
On our platform advertisers can use both common push notifications and in-page push (displayed inside the browser)

Hot GEOs Push
Hot GEOs InPage

If you’d like to test your offer with push notification, it is also possible with calendar push on our platform!

Hot GEOs Calendar Push 1

Pop-unders may seem outdated for some advertisers but our experience shows that this ad format is still rocking with casinos, gambling, mob content and adult content.

Hot GEOs Pop

We also came up with a new ad format – pop injection which will make your targeting even more precise! it is traffic from extensions like Chrome, possible to target keywords and domains with them, it fires when user clicks on the page where there is the extension or targeted keyword.

It goes without saying, that zero-click proves to be the most favorite ad format among our advertisers because their customers feel comfortable with it!
This is a redirect type of traffic (e.g. user searches anything, misprints his request and he is redirected to our offer), not disturbing for users and very resultative!

Hot GEOs ZeroClick

Our market is growing and evolving so we should consider playing by its new rules and adding new ad formats to our affiliate routine! And may luck always be with you in this game 😉

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