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There is no doubt that Black Friday has become the biggest sales of the year in many regions, which automatically makes it one of the most seasonal events for affiliates. After a year of planning, it’s finally time to start launching your Black Friday campaigns to make sure that, come the big day, your ads generate the results you want. 

With the above in mind, remember Black Friday is also one of the most competitive times to develop affiliate campaigns. You need to make sure that your campaign has the right structure and that it has been properly optimized in order to get the best results from your efforts.

At ActiveRevenue, we work closely with our partners every Black Friday to make sure that they generate as much money as possible. In this article, we will briefly define Black Friday, discuss when it will take place, and explain why it’s the best seasonal event of the year for affiliates. We’ll also provide 5 tips to help you build a successful Black Friday affiliate marketing campaign.

What in the World is Black Friday?

Before going any further, let’s take a moment to define Black Friday. 

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Black Friday is not an official holiday, but a sale that’s celebrated on a global scale. The name Black Friday comes from the fact that the US stock market crashed in 1869 the day after Thanksgiving, which caused one of the biggest collapses in the economy of the country. 

Years later, the post-Thanksgiving sale became associated with the term Black Friday, which remains strong even today.

When Is Black Friday Celebrated?

Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving, which is on the fourth Thursday of November. This means that Black Friday is not on a set date, but it’s actually on the fourth Friday of November each year.

Is Black Friday a Good Time to Promote Affiliate Goods?

On Black Friday of 2020, shoppers spent more than $9 billion on a global scale, which represented a 22% increase from the year before. It’s estimated that 44% more people shopped online, a trend that started due to the pandemic but has remained since restrictions have eased.

In other words, Black Friday is not only a good time for affiliates, it’s actually one of the best opportunities to make a lot of money in a short period of time. 

5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Black Friday 2021 Success

Here are 5 tips you should follow to build a successful campaign for Black Friday 2021. Remember, all affiliates are different, so take the time to customize each suggestion according to your resources and the goals you want to achieve. 

1. Start with Vertical Research

Consumers wait for Black Friday sales to purchase high-ticket items, so the first step affiliates should follow is to analyze the different verticals they specialize in and choose the most profitable options. Some good ideas include electronic gadgets, high-end fashion wear, personal accessories, and home appliances.

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2. Zero In on the Most Popular Products

Once you have identified the most profitable industries, it’s time to create a list of specific products you want to promote. This can include smart devices like speakers, smartphones, televisions, and other gadgets. Other great alternatives include designer goods, watches, jewelry, and traveling gear.

3. Look at Last Year’s Campaigns

If you have data available, you should look at last year’s campaign performance and try to extrapolate data from it. 2020 was the first Black Friday since the start of the pandemic, so this data can contain valuable information that you can use to shape your campaign this year.

4. Opt for Sure-Fire Ad Formats

There are dozens of ad formats to choose from and new ones are being introduced every year. That said, Black Friday is not a great time for testing because this can lead to lost opportunities. Instead of trying out new formats, you should stick with sure-fire alternatives like push notifications, floating push ads, pop ads, and domain redirects. 

5. Include Valuable Elements in Your Creatives

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Your ad creatives are conducive to your success, so you should include valuable elements that help your content stand out. This includes:

  • The product you’re promoting
  • Statistics and/or numbers
  • A combination of real people and emojis that catch user’s attention
  • Clean, simple, and understandable graphics
  • A short ad copy
  • Product reviews

Ready to Launch a Successful Black Friday Campaign? ActiveRevenue Is Here to Help

Black Friday may still be a few weeks away, but you should start revving your engine and develop a few test campaigns now. Just make sure that you partner with a reliable DSP that can help you find the best traffic that comes from the most profitable areas.

To learn more about partnering with ActiveRevenue, get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to help.

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