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There are many types of traffic that affiliates can specialize in, from mobile to traditional web and domain redirect traffic. But, unlike other types of traffic, domain redirect traffic offers the unique ability to connect with users on your own terms.

Domain redirect traffic occurs when users attempt to access a specific URL but make a typo or similar mistake. Instead of going to the sites they intended to access, users are redirected to affiliate publisher domains that have a similar name and theme.

At ActiveRevenue, we work closely with a wide collection of leading domain redirect affiliates, so we’re always up-to-date with the best verticals and offers for this type of traffic.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of domain redirect campaigns, which are the best niches, and how to choose the best offers.

Advantages of Domain Redirect Traffic

First off, let’s go over the advantages of developing domain redirect campaigns.

In most cases, domain redirect websites are created as a parallel to major brand sites, like Sony or McDonalds. These platforms attract a monumental amount of traffic and knowledgeable affiliates can benefit from users that misspell these company names. This also means that users expect to see a branded page, but this is positive for affiliates who take the time to develop a brand for their affiliate sites.

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Additionally, the benefits of domain redirect traffic include:

Suitable for All GEOs

Making typos and spelling mistakes is a common occurrence regardless of language, culture, or country. This means that, unlike other verticals, domain redirects are a great alternative for all GEOs. That said, you need to conduct research on individual locations to figure out which major sites attract the most traffic and how to acquire the URLs that are not yet taken.

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Redirect Create a Non-Disruptive, Relevant Experience

The entire domain redirect experience can be seamless if structured properly. After all, users are already expecting to be sent to a home page with specific branding. Redirected domains that successfully mimic the look and feel of the original website will have an easier time enticing users and producing conversions.

Traffic Has the Intention of Converting

Domain redirect traffic volumes may be relatively low compared to conventional or mobile traffic. But, one thing that domain redirect ads have over other formats is a much higher conversion rate. If applied to the right context, you can always assume that domain redirect users have the intention of converting because these visitors are accessing a specific web address with a plan already in mind.

What Are the Best Niches for Domain Redirect Campaigns?

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of domain redirects, let’s go over the best niches for this type of traffic.


The finances industry includes currency conversion, financial services, and similar sub-verticals that don’t have a clear global industry leader. This means that it’s much easier to enter the space as a branded domain redirect and consistently transform visitors into leads.

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While the dating industry does have more obvious industry leaders, it’s important to understand that it’s common for new platforms to take over large portions of the market. Under that premise, the dating vertical is similar to finances, which means that domain redirects make a great option for both niches.

Nutra and Healthcare

There are countless websites that specialize in selling nutraceuticals and healthcare products. As a matter of fact, many of these are affiliate sites with integrated shopping carts or links that lead to the advertisers’ checkout page.

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This makes the healthcare and nutra verticals extremely appealing for domain redirect traffic as users are used to seeing websites that contain promotions and similar elements.

How to Choose the Best Offers for Domain Redirect Traffic

Keep in mind that all offers are different, so you need to evaluate each individual program to determine if it’s a good fit for you. Additionally, always verify that the offer either specializes or at least allows conversions from domain redirect traffic.

In order to choose the best domain redirect offers, remember to:

Evaluate the Buyer’s Journey

With domain redirects, the shorter and simpler the buyer journey, the better for your chances of success. Always pay close attention to the number of steps that are required for conversion before signing up to an offer.

Verify that You Understand the Niche

Domain redirect success requires an in-depth understanding of the vertical in question. If not, users won’t be engaged or moved by your content. This means that you need to verify that you understand the niche by joining forums and taking additional steps to confirm your knowledge.

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Ensure Your Content Fits with the Audience

It may sound obvious, but many affiliates purchase domain redirects because of the traffic rather than the vertical. In our experience, it’s always better to opt for a redirect that suits the content you already have than to venture into a new industry that will require new content development.

In addition to saving you time, choosing a vertical that you already have content for it will give you the opportunity to invest more resources into optimizing.

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Ready to Launch a Domain Redirect Campaign? Contact ActiveRevenue Today

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