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It’s time for a new batch of tips from our account managers. Today Reuven Alayev, Account Manager at ActiveRevenue, told us how to successfully start your journey in media buying and what you need to pay special attention to. Let’s find out!

How To Choose The Best Vertical?

It is important to understand that this industry is very dynamic and changes every day. New websites created, more apps introduced, and more users added. In addition, it also depends on geo-political events and sporting events as well. The more Buzz – the more users. Therefore a media buyer must take advantages of opportunities that arise and exploit them. 

Timing is a crucial part. For example, if there is a major sporting event that many people worldwide anticipate such as the Olympics, NBA finals, or champions league finals – it is a good time to run a sports-betting campaign.

Another one is if there is a major geo-political event such as elections, or some turmoil between countries, then cryptos and forex offers are ideal.  Evidently, during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, when most of the world was on lockdown, many advertisers ran online casino offers on higher volumes than previous times.  People around the world were looking for a hobby to engage themselves and at the same time make money which was very needed for all.

Another aspect to consider is the targeted geos culture and interest. For example, Dating, casino and Adult offers might not be that relevant for very religious countries such as Saudi Arabia or Indonesia. Or Desktop Anti-virus offers in geos that use a big majority of their media thru their mobiles.

Choosing The Right Traffic Type

The worldwide web is an essential and integral part of everyone these days. The introduction of smartphones and apps to this pool of information has created many opportunities for media buyers to expand their activity and created many opportunities for increasing profits substantially. Having said that, there are many traffic types that are available for advertisers to choose from. Well, which one is the best?

In order to choose the right traffic type, the vertical of the offer must be considered. Because this market is very dynamic, any offer could work in every traffic type. However, a media buyer must choose a traffic type according to the target of the offer. It means if an offer is harder to convert (for example, monthly subscriptions and deposits) then a more specific traffic type is recommended. Such as zero-click traffic or pop extension traffic with a domain whitelist or keywords. These traffic types are designed for users that are looking for a specific thing, and those traffic types will be more likely to allocate to the user offers that the user might be interested in.  

It is true that sometimes people click on ads by mistake, but the majority who click the ads are people that show interest

Push traffic is very good as well for certain verticals. Which ones? Well, offers that sell a certain product usually work great. Such as Nutra products, VPN, Anti-virus and even Gaming. Simply because it is based on the clicks the creatives attract. If the creative and title are able to convey the quality of the product and its benefits, the user might click on it. It is true that sometimes people click on ads by mistake, but the majority who click the ads are people that show interest. If it’s a product the user wants or needs then the chances of a conversion are much higher. It’s important to note that because it’s just a push notification and not an article or video, the creative must be attractive and the title very short and persuasive!

Choosing Mobile/Desktop Targeting

When choosing either mobile or desktop, a media buyer must analyze the devices used in the geo he is targeting.  For example, in some countries, the smartphone is used more frequently since it serves many tier 3 and 4 geos as a computer as well for many necessities. Therefore choosing to target mobile in Tier 3 and 4 geos might be more effective than choosing a desktop.

As you can see, it’s really quite simple. Therefore, if you wanted to start, but were afraid, then this is a great time. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Reuven at LinkedIn or write to us by mail [email protected] or Skype activerevenue support. Our team will be glad to help you earn)

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