Digital content publishers are responsible for generating a significant portion of all internet traffic. Although every platform is different, all publishers want to find the best monetization methods in order to continue developing great content and improving user experience. That said, finding the best ad formats isn’t always straightforward, especially for publishers that face a lot of competition.

In this article, we’ll go over the most profitable formats for publishers. Moreover, we’ll also discuss how the type of publishing platforms affect the ad formats that publishers should work with.

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Does the Type of Publishing Platform Affect the Best Ad Formats?

Although all publishers have the same goal, publishing platforms can vary in type, size, design, topic. For example, publishers can own websites, apps, social media profiles, blogs, video channels, pages or profiles within alternative third-party platforms, and many other types of digital assets.

Needless to say, the type of publishing platform that you own directly affects the types of ads you can work with. Keep in mind that your publishing platform will help narrow down the list, but you still have to select a specific set based on your experience, conduct testing, or implement a combination of both.

If you own a mobile app, for instance, you can sell banners, push, and native advertising in mobile format. However, you won’t be able to offer desktop or mobile web advertising because your platform itself will not allow it. Instead of choosing the best formats based on the average revenue of each, you should consider your publishing platform and the resources you have at your disposal for ad creation before making a decision.

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What Are the Most Profitable Ad Formats for Publishers?

It’s important to note that the most profitable ad formats for every affiliate will vary depending on their publishing platform and industry. That said, below we’ve put together a list of the best overall ad formats, most of which can be used in desktop and mobile publishing platforms.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are browser-based adverts, which appear on user devices the same way as other alerts do. The goal of these is to deliver the advertiser’s marketing message in a smooth and seamless way, without producing any negative emotions. These are perfect to deliver personalized messages, so they are ideal for dating, cryptocurrency, and similar industries.

Native Ads

As the name suggests, native ads blend in with the content of the page that they appear on. This ad format is perfect for promoting more complex or luxurious products, which usually target audiences that need a bit more convincing. The best part is that these are suitable for all types of publishers, including mobile, web, video bloggers, and many more.


Interstitials are ads that appear while a website or app is loading, so they are also a great pick for different types of publishers. These ads are effective because they help fill an unused gap while also giving advertisers the ability to interact with their audiences while they are engaged.

Pop Ads

Pop advertising is among the oldest types of digital promotion, but there’s a good reason it’s remained popular even today. This type of ad gives advertisers a large area to produce quality creatives, but they are relatively easy to set up for publishers. So, even though advertisers feel like they are getting a lot of space at a low cost, publishers also enjoy high profit margins, as long as they partner with the right network.

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In-Page Push Notifications

Two of the main hurdles of conventional push notifications are the fact that these aren’t as effective on iOS devices and that users need to opt-in before they start getting notifications for publishers. In-page push notifications are a new type of ad that solves both of these challenges. This type of ad consists of push notification-like alerts, but these are only sent to people visiting your publishing platform. So, these users don’t have to subscribe to your push and they can get this type of notification even if they are using an iOS device.

Display Banners

Display banners are right up there with pop ads as one of the oldest formats you can work with. That said, this format still produces above-average results for publishers, especially for those in highly visual niches like gaming or dating.

Find Out More About the Best Ad Formats

At ActiveRevenue, we’ve partnered with countless affiliates that have developed large-scale campaigns using the top ad formats out there. As a leading DSP, our goal is to provide the highest quality traffic by partnering with the top networks and publishers.

So, we’re very familiar with the ad formats that are producing the best results across the board. Contact us today to learn more!

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