It’s no secret that seasonal content can exponentially increase the performance of your campaign. However, not all holidays present the type of opportunity as Valentine’s Day. While the history behind this holiday dates back thousands of years, it has become one of the best times for affiliates to develop profitable campaigns that center around romance and friendship.

With the above in mind, developing the best strategy for Valentine’s Day is harder than ever before. After all, there are thousands of advertisers that work with countless affiliates to draw attention to their products. However, marketers that take the time to develop creative campaigns have a higher chance of attracting attention and building a strong bond with consumers. 

Let’s take a look at 7 affiliate marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day campaigns.

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Top Verticals for Valentine’s Day 2021

Before delving in, let’s analyze the top verticals in terms of Valentine’s Day performance. Remember, the quality of your ads is crucial, but you have to choose a popular product/offer if you want your adverts to produce the right results. It doesn’t matter how good your creatives are, if your product is not attractive then your campaign won’t generate conversions.

The top verticals for Valentine’s Day campaigns are:

  • Clothing
  • Flowers
  • Chocolate
  • Wine
  • Jewelry
  • Gadgets and technology accessories
  • Candy and sweets
  • Lingerie

In addition to the above, traveling is usually a great option, but the global health crisis has disrupted non-essential travel around the world. Affiliates should avoid travel offers in 2021, but keep a close eye on the performance of the industry closer to the end of the year, assuming that limitations are lifted across the board.

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6 Affiliate Strategies for a Successful Valentine’s Day Campaign

Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all of its ways, so it’s ideal for family, friends, and of course, romantic partners. It’s celebrated by people of all ages, so publishing platforms usually publish content that helps users choose the best gift or make a big romantic gesture. Media buyers can use this to their advantage and develop ads that follow a similar approach, increasing their odds of catching users’ attention.

Furthermore, there are many other techniques that affiliates can use to develop a successful Valentine’s Day campaign. These include:

1. Find Great Valentine’s Offers in Advanced

Always remember to look at Valentine’s Day in advance and evaluate all variables to ensure that you find the perfect fit. Besides the industry, also consider the target area, product being promoted, and the reputation of the advertiser as all of these will impact the performance of your ads.

2. Edit Your Pre-Landers and Landing Pages for Valentine’s Content

Depending on the offer, you may have full control of the landing page content. If not, you should implement a pre-lander and make sure that it features relevant Valentine’s Day content. For instance, the overall color scheme should feature red, pink, and similar hues.

3. Develop Ads for Male Users

Many affiliates are under the misconception that Valentine’s Day campaigns are only suitable for female audiences. But, male users spend billions of dollars every year on this holiday, so you should develop ad content specifically for male users as well.

4. Create “His and Hers” Copy

If you’re promoting a product that can be used by both men and women, this doesn’t mean that you have to use the same ad. Instead, try to develop “his and hers” copies that promote the same product from different angles. The combination of a unique perspective and the time of year will engage consumers more than in a common situation.

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5. Study Social Media

Social media platforms are one of the first places that consumers turn to when researching for creative gifts. In these cases, search engines are actually too broad, so users like to turn to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. So, affiliates should study their audience’s activity on social to see which topics and gift ideas are trending.

6. Create a List of Gift Ideas for Your Audience

Besides gaining a deeper understanding of your audience, compiling a list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts can actually help you produce great content. Depending on your promotion channels, you can create a list of the top gift ideas and generate more conversions using this content as bait.

7. Target Singles Too!

Another common myth about Valentine’s Day is that it’s only a great holiday to market to couples. Every year, billions of single people receive Valentine’s Day with open arms, celebrating friends and family members with enthusiasm. So, consider working with products designed for this segment as well.

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