The internet has allowed for the development of dozens of different ad formats, ranging from simple banners to video content and everything in between. But, not many formats have the power to forge a bond with the target audience like mobile push notifications. 

Simply put, mobile push notifications can deliver your marketing message in a non-threatening way and make consumers feel more comfortable when viewing your content. That said, developing a successful campaign is much harder than simply putting together a few casual ads.

Below, we’ve put together a quick guide to help seasoned affiliates make the most out of their push notification campaigns where we’ll go over the best strategies and provide a few examples for some of the most popular industries.

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Advantages of Push Notifications

Before going over the best strategies and examples for each, let’s take a look at the advantages of working with mobile push campaigns.

While it’s true that push alerts can be sent to desktop devices, these notifications appear to be more effective on mobile devices. Remember, push notifications are presented similarly to text messages, emails, and other notifications, so users are more susceptible when reading this type of content.

Furthermore, push notifications are ideal for a huge variety of verticals, including gaming, dating, finance, and sports betting. That said, you need to keep in mind that finding the best combination takes a significant amount of testing, so you need to ensure that you have enough time to try and monitor different variables to succeed with this ad format.

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Best Strategies to Develop a Successful Mobile Push Campaign

Mobile push notifications don’t consist of many components, so the timing and approach used will be decisive factors in terms of campaign success. Furthermore, the title, body text, CTA, and thumbnail (when allowed) need to be engaging and entice each user to complete the conversion process. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can take and examples of the body text for each one.

Exclusive Offers and Time-Sensitive Deals

Push notifications tend to deliver amazing results when you employ casual language, especially if you promote exclusive offers and time sensitive deals. These usually make consumers feel like they have to act now in order to take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Example body text: It’s a crazy sale, but it’s coming to an end soon! You can save more than 20% off your favorite products as long as you hurry up, so take a look at the collection for sale today!
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Abandoned Cart Push Notifications and Incomplete Action Alerts

For affiliates running a campaign that requires users to complete a purchase, setting up a push campaign that targets users who abandoned the shopping cart can help register more sales from the same amount of traffic. The same goes for incomplete actions such as form submittals and quote requests, so consider using your pushes as gentle reminders as well.

  • Example body text: Hello! I noticed you didn’t finish your order — did something go wrong? Don’t worry! We’ve saved your cart and we’re keeping it for you, feel free to finish your order now!

New Features and Activities Notifications

If you’re working with an offer that’s promoting a platform’s new feature or a product that has unique characteristics, you can produce push notifications that read like new feature alerts and activity notifications. For example, you can create an activity notification that tells users how the product features were developed, the process involved, and other similar approaches.

  • Example body text: You won’t believe the new features we’ve added, they actually work better than we’d hoped. Don’t believe me? Come check them out for yourself and give them a test drive!

Event Reminders

Even though the global health crisis is changing the way events are held, push notification campaigns can still produce outstanding results when used as reminders for these virtual or physical gatherings. That said, make sure to consider the type of event in order to determine what type of event reminder 

  • Example body text: Ready to rock on all night with your favorite bands? We’ve got the grooviest gigs and hottest events in your area listed in one single place. Check out the closest gig now!
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Proximity-Based Alerts

One thing that many marketers don’t realize is that push notifications can be triggered by a huge variety of actions and events. For example, affiliates can set up push alerts to be delivered depending on where the user is. These proximity-based notifications are perfect for short sales and flash discounts designed to attract a lot of foot traffic.

  • Example body text: Have you ever seen prices so low? It’s a good thing you’re right around the corner so you can check them out in person! Learn where to find it now!

Ready to Learn More? Contact ActiveRevenue Today

Mobile push notifications are among the best formats in terms of conversions and overall performance, but there are plenty of alternatives that can help you develop awesome campaigns. To learn more, contact us today, our team will be glad to help you find the best formats and get started today.

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