Christmas and New Year’s Day are both very special holidays for billions of people around the world. While the festivities revolve around spending time with loved ones, it’s also become one of the best seasons for business owners in almost all verticals. And, even though a large portion of consumers buy products as well as gifts early on, there are many industries that are known for being last-minute favorites for Christmas and New Year’s, which translates to a golden opportunity for affiliates in all corners of the globe.

While there are many verticals that perform exceptionally during the months leading up to Christmas, we’ve also seen affiliates develop superb campaigns that experience a peak in performance just days or hours before Christmas begins. Below, we’ll analyze the best industries you can pick for a last-minute Christmas or New Year’s campaign.

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The Online Holiday Shopping Boom

There’s no doubt that the biggest news reports in 2020 have revolved around the global health crisis, but COVID-19 has also altered the way consumers make purchases. Some projections suggest that Black Friday sales this year will smash records set in prior events, and these calculations include adjustments for the financial impact that the pandemic is having. 

What does this mean for advertisers in the ecommerce industry and the affiliates that promote these offers? In simple terms, stakeholders in the electronic commerce space still have the ability to generate significant profits. But, affiliates need to know what verticals provide the highest chance of success if they want to make the most of this unique opportunity. 

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Best Industries for Last-Minute Christmas and New Year’s Day Offers

It’s true that there’s only a small number of last-minute Christmas shoppers when compared to Black Friday and similar events. However, consumers that are looking for products in the days or hours leading up to Christmas and New Year’s are usually much easier to engage, plus they are willing to pay extremely high markups to get the goods they’re looking for.

According to our research, the best verticals for last-minute Christmas and New Year’s campaigns include:

1. Toys

One of the all-time great Christmas industries, children’s toys are one of the best products you can promote in your last-minute campaign. Keep in mind that this industry contains a huge variety of subcategories, all of which perform differently. Generally speaking, toys designed for slightly older kids tend to perform better than goods made for young children.

2. Electronics

Smartphones, wireless speakers, computers, and other electronics are extremely popular choices for last-minute gifts. This has been especially apparent in 2020, where a large portion of consumers opted for making purchases online. Ecommerce platforms have been experiencing stock limitation issues since the beginning of the year, increasing the chances of consumers making last-minute purchases later on.

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3. Streaming Services

The great thing about promoting streaming service offers as last-minute gifts is that these are available right away. Consumers don’t have to wait to enjoy their subscription, so these programs are easier to convert than physical products that need to be shipped.

4. Video Game Consoles

Sony, Microsoft, and other major console developers released new consoles in 2020. Most of these were sold out as soon as they were made available, which means that thousands of eager consumers will be waiting to purchase their new console last-minute.

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5. Kitchen and Home Appliances

Coffee grinders, powerful blenders, smart TVs, and other appliances are also perfect for last-minute campaigns. These often have a high price tag, but these make consumers feel like the purchase is more meaningful, even if it was bought close to Christmas or almost at the end of the year.

6. Antivirus Software and Other Digital Subscriptions

Cybercrime has become a major issue for companies and consumers alike, especially in 2020. Savvy affiliates can capitalize on this trend by developing last-minute campaigns that remind users of the importance of staying safe and making their content sound urgent in order to boost conversions.

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7. Organic Coffee and Healthy Produce

Many people see the start of the new year as a great time to get healthy. Promoting organic coffee and healthy produce in the days leading up to Christmas and New Year’s can produce great results, especially if you target people who are interested in setting resolutions for themselves.

Find Out More About the Best Verticals Now!

Knowing which verticals work well when promoted during the last days of the year takes a bit of practice. We hope that our tips above allow you to pick the right verticals and increase your chances of building campaigns that convert.

To find out more about the best verticals, contact us today and our team will be glad to help.

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