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There are many huge differences between conventional advertising and digital marketing tactics, but the most important one may be the ability to edit your ads after they have been published. A few decades ago, changing a small element of your creatives represented thousands of dollars worth of new investments. Today, in addition to not producing extra costs, optimizing your campaign can actually reduce expenses and boost the performance of your ads.

During the optimization process, modern marketers need to maintain their main goal in mind at all times. For affiliates this means optimizing ads and campaigns to register more conversions. That said, understanding what campaign elements entice users to complete a certain action isn’t always easy, so you need to follow an organized approach and ensure that the changes you’re making help you register more conversions.

In this article, we’ll go over 7 conversion optimization tips to help you boost campaign performance and get better results from your ads.

Why Do All Affiliates Need to Focus on Optimization?

The optimization process gives affiliates the chance to make all types of adjustment in order to increase conversions. Not even seasoned affiliates can develop a perfect campaign from the get-go. Instead, these marketing professionals keep a close eye on their campaigns after they’re been launched and optimize them for conversions as soon as possible.

That said, you always need to wait until you have collected enough traffic before optimizing. If not, you run the risk of working with statistically unreliable information.

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7 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Affiliate Campaign

During your campaign planning process, you should set aside time to regularly review and optimize your campaign. To ensure the best results, remember to focus on:

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Tool Selection

There are many different tools you can choose to optimize your campaign, but not all of these ensure great results. Before you start optimizing, check out tools like CrazyEgg, Voluum, and similar platforms as these help you understand the areas of your ads that engage users the most and the elements that need improvement.

Creative Elements

After you’ve selected your arsenal of tools, it’s time to analyze your statistics and work on improving your creative elements. There is no exact formula to optimize your ads to perfection. Instead, you should develop different headlines, copy options, and CTAs, pair them with varying images, and run a few tests to find the best combinations. 

Landing Pages and Pre-Landers

Optimizing landing pages and pre-landers is similar to the ad improvement process. Rather than following a specific set of rules, start by testing out big variables until you find the page’s basic structure. Then, you should try out different headlines, wording, calls-to-action, videos, and other elements.

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Offer Rotation

As an affiliate, there’s a strong chance you’ll work with very similar offers. As a matter of fact, you may be able to run the exact same campaign with different advertiser programs. The offer requirements can’t be changed, but you can always rotate different offer links in your campaigns in order to produce more revenue from the same traffic sources and creatives.

Bid Adjustment

Bid optimizations are among the most important adjustments you need to make, but keep in mind that the changes you make will be affected by the bidding model you choose. 

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If you work with a traffic source that charges per impressions, you may be better off optimizing for higher volumes, which can help boost conversions.

In case you are working with CPI or CPA models, you’ll want to keep conversion costs low while maintaining CR relatively high.

Create Automatic Alerts

There are certain trends that may cause significant changes in how your campaign is performing and these can change in a matter of hours. If you’re not used to checking your campaign on a daily basis, you may want to create automatic alerts that tell you whenever there’s been a change that potentially requires your attention.

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Implement Automation Rules

In case you already have an idea of the potential variables that can affect your campaign and what you would do to optimize them, you can also implement automated rules. In other words, you can set up your campaign to self-optimize in some situations. This includes, for example, if the conversion rate falls below a certain category or if you fail to register a single conversion in a 24-hour period.

Find Out More About Improving Your Affiliate Campaign Performance

Although the development process is also essential, focusing on optimizing your campaign is a great way to identify any potential issues and ensure that your ads are running smoothly. 

If you want to learn more about developing a successful affiliate campaign, keep reading our blog or contact ActiveRevenue today and our team will be glad to help.

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