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Spring is known as the season of new beginnings because animals come out of hibernation and plants start blooming. However, it’s also one of the best times of the year to be an affiliate marketer. The spring season occurs right after winter and just before summer, which means that consumers are shaking off the frost and getting ready to enjoy the awesome weather.

In simple terms, spring offers affiliates a great chance to boost conversions because people are in a spending mood. But, which products have proven to be the most profitable during the season of new beginnings?

To help you make the best choice we’ve put together a list of the products and verticals that perform well during spring.

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Identifying Industries that Will Perform Well in Spring

Before you start choosing offers, it’s important to learn how to identify the industries that are bound to perform well in spring. The weather is a major factor here. During winter and fall, it’s usually cold and rainy, so consumers are more likely to stay indoors. 

For summer and spring, the weather gets a lot better, which encourages people to come out and enjoy the weather. And, it’s normal to want to look your best, have the latest gadgets, and get gadgets that allow you to make the most of your leisure time. This, in turn, translates to monetization opportunities for affiliates and advertisers.

What Verticals Should Affiliates Promote During Spring?

Choosing the best verticals to promote during spring is not always straightforward. But, if you take the time and learn about the products that are trending, you’ll be able to produce better campaigns.

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Here’s our take on the best verticals to promote during spring 2020.

Sunglasses and Sun Protection Accessories

As we mentioned before, spring brings significantly better weather to most parts of the world. Logically, sunglasses and sun protection accessories experience a huge boost in demand. Promoting this vertical early on is also a good idea because you target consumers who are planning long trips and tend to buy everything they need online.

Jewelry and Personal Ornaments

As any fashionista will tell you, accessories are not only for skin protection. Jewelry and personal ornaments are also a great product/industry combo you should definitely target this blooming season. You can pick from a variety of sub-verticals and keep in mind that expensive jewelry will be harder to promote, but have higher payouts.

Yoga and Sports Attire

In the last few decades, yoga has become one of the most popular pastimes among both men and women. Spring is the time when most yogis start practicing outdoors, so yoga attire and sports accessories in general always make for a great campaign.

Smartphone Accessories Like Car Docks

For many people, spring is equal to road trip time. Smartphones are now crucial for a successful trip, but having the right accessories – like a car dock that holds up your phone – can make life a lot easier. And, the best part is that affiliates have dozens of options to choose from, so you can actually choose a product you believe in.

Innovative Pet Collars and Other Animal Products

LED collars, pet trackers, and other animal products are popular during this time of the year, so you can capitalize and create campaigns that target pet parents who want to treat their furry friends to something nice.

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Shapewear and Lingerie

While most marketers wait until summer to market lingerie, many advertisers start rolling out promotions as soon as March. You can get a head start on the competition and get an early feel for the styles that are trending among consumers early on in the season.

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Travel Wallet Belts, Phone Cases, and Card Holders

People who travel are always on the hunt for travel wallet belts, super-protective phone cases, and minimalist cardholders that give them more flexibility while abroad. This is especially true during spring as all the travelers are gearing up to start their journey in the summer.

Pregnancy Accessories and Baby Products

Statistically-speaking, birth rates are highest between June and October, which means that March is an ideal time to target expecting mothers and families that are preparing for the arrival of a little one.

Find Out More About the Best Affiliate Verticals

The different seasons have a profound impact on your campaign, so it’s important to learn how each one affects your ads. To learn more about the different seasons and the best products to promote during each, contact ActiveRevenue and we’ll be happy to help.

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