Despite the fact that affiliate marketing is a unique creature, it still falls under the mantle of digital advertising. And, like in other forms of online marketers, affiliates need to pay attention to the keywords that consumers are using to search for, well, everything. But, targeting broad terms that are searched for millions of times also means taking on the toughest competition.

This is where long-tailed keywords come in.

Below, we’ll go over the definition of long-tailed keywords and how you can implement them to your affiliate campaign.

What are Long-Tailed Keywords?

Long-tailed keywords are defined as search terms that have three or more words. For instance, “diet” would be a broad keyword. However, “paleo diet for gluten intolerance” is a long-tailed keyword that can produce surprising results.

Some of the benefits of using long-tailed keywords include:

Users Know Exactly What They Want

Users who are not sure what they want are still in research mode, so they are trying out different search terms. But, after a while, most people figure out exactly what they need and come up with an entire phrase to narrow down their results.

Less Competition

There are loads of long-tailed keywords, many of which are unique to a specific niche. This means that there is much less competition, and when there is, it will only be from relevant companies that you can learn from.

Thousands of Variations You Can Target

There are thousands of combinations you can use to create a long-tailed keyword, so you don’t have to rely on a heavily-disputed term to show your ads in the top spots.

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Researching

Before implementing long-tailed keywords, there are a few elements you have to keep in mind. These are:

  • Be Empathetic: Users that take the time to figure out exactly what they want are looking for answers, so always make sure your ads deliver some value.
  • Use a Powerful Keyword Tool: There are dozens of keyword tools, but you should make an investment and choose a reputable platform that delivers accurate results.
  • Take Your Time and Be Patient: Long-tailed phrases don’t always produce results right away, so you need to be patient and to identify the terms that generate fast conversions.

How to Incorporate Long-Tailed Keywords in Your Affiliate Campaign

In order to incorporate long-tailed keywords to your affiliate campaign, you have to build a blueprint customized to your specific case.

This means you have to:

Study Your Audience

The more you know about your audience, the more likely you are to figure out the terms they use. The best way to do research your targets is to look at the conversions you already have and analyze those statistics to identify the demographics you attract the most.

Thoroughly Research and Identify the Long-Tailed Terms

Once you have learned as much as you can about your audience, it’s time to start looking for keywords.

Keyword Tool

As we mentioned before, having a powerful keyword tool is will only improve your chances of success. You can also find some platforms that have a spy tool, so you can take a look at your competitor’s performance.

Search Engine

Search engines like Google have predictive search as well as search suggestion capabilities. You can use both of these to identify new terms that don’t generate enough volume to appear on keyword research tools, but can still yield a significant number of conversions.

Integrate the Keywords into Your Campaign

Since most affiliates don’t manage the publishing platforms, you don’t have to create keyword-rich content. Instead, you should look at your campaign’s settings and implement the long-tailed keywords as part of your targeting strategy. 

Users who are searching for or viewing similar content will also see your ad, increasing your chances of transforming these visitors into conversions.

Track and Measure 

Like all other aspects of your campaign, you need to collect enough data after implementing your keywords to help optimize the performance of your ads. Having a good tracker is critical in this stage, so you should also ensure you’re using a robust platform that offers valuable insights.

Start Implementing Long-Tailed Keywords Today!

Determining which long-tailed keywords will have the best effect and implementing these in your campaign has become an art form, so you need to practice until you perfect this skill. But, once you master it, you should be able to increase conversions, lower expenses, and build a better relationship with your audience.

To find out more about implementing keywords or running a successful campaign, stay tuned or contact ActiveRevenue and our team will be glad to help.

Written by Tom Hooker

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