Welcome our new partner – Trackerry, an advanced ad tracking platform. 

Trackerry is not “just another tracker” their goal is to offer something qualitatively different from current products on the market.

The tracker allows you to spend 90% less time on routine tasks. It is an excellent solution for your campaign protection and 24 hours monitoring.
Here are some unique features:

⭐️ Flagged domains auto-replacement and rotation— your campaigns keep running, no manual work needed

⭐️ Reverse traffic — whenever a user hits the “Back” button, you get an additional impression for free. And it works even without a landing page

⭐️ Transformation of a network source ID into your ID

⭐️ Unlimited drill-down reports in any live stats

⭐️ Advanced Offer & Campaign caps, including daily, weekly, total limits for conversions, impressions, LP clicks, cost and more

⭐️ Most flexible multi-conversion settings on the market. You decide for every single stage of conversion if to include it into revenue or cost; if it should be rebillable and fired to your traffic source


And you can have it all with 10% off  lifetime using ActiveRevenue10 promo code.

Moreover, the first 50 sign-ups will get an ADDon, which is usually not included in the plan. For free. Forever.

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