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The dating industry is one of those evergreen verticals that constantly has stellar offers with above-average payouts. After all, people are always looking for their other half, which means that you can find a lot of dating platforms in every continent. 

But, it’s also a ripe market, which means that even seasoned affiliates can struggle to get results.

Although there are many ad formats you can use with dating offers, mobile push notifications have a proven track record for success in the love business. Let’s take a look at the power of mobile push notifications and how they can help you monetize dating offers.

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Why are Push Campaign Ideal for Dating Offers?

Instead of triggering an alarm, these push notifications connect with customers at a psychological level, which is especially useful when working with dating offers.

Non-Intrusive Notifications

Instead of interrupting or waiting for users to finish doing something to show them an ad, push notifications allow people to continue with their day as usual. The only difference is that they will receive an additional notification, which is more likely to spark their interest than most channels.

Ultra-High Opt-In Rate

According to recent research, mobile push notification can have an opt-in rate as high as 7.8%. What’s more, on Android devices alone, this number can jump to more than 10%, which is much higher than most ads.

Simple and Cost-Effective

Push ads only consist of text, an image thumbnail, and a link, so they are easy to read and understand. Not only this, they are still relatively affordable, especially if you take into account how well they perform.

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How Push Notifications Can Help Monetize Dating Offers

Now that we’ve discussed the reason why push is ideal for dating, it’s time to go over the implementation of this ad type. 

Like all campaigns, you have to ensure that you produce creatives and enticing ad copy. And, perhaps the most important part, you have to ensure all your ads are personalized and come off like a casual message rather than an advert.

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Choose a Dating Offer that Allows Push

While it may seem obvious, not all marketers verify that push notifications are allowed with the offers they choose. Most dating offers allow this ad format, but always pay attention to this and ensure you can use push in your campaign.

Study the Target Audience

The dating industry attracts consumers from all age groups, religions, and locations. Therefore, you have to study each one individually and make sure you understand the audience you’re trying to attract. Again, the offer will most likely give you demographic details, so learn as much as you can about the segment in question before creating your ads.

Create Various Sets of Creatives

Once you have studied your audience, it’s time to start crafting creatives. You have to create various sets of at least 3 creatives and test them out to see which one gets the best results. Keep in mind that users should be able to see what the image is in the thumbnail, so it’s better to choose something simple and concise.

Choose Your Targeting Settings

Like all other campaigns, you need to toggle your targeting settings in order to attract the right audience. Location is the most important targeting setting you should set, but you can also show your ads based on keywords, interests, device, OS, and much more.

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Try Out Different Delivery Timing

As a general rule of thumb, push notifications are more effective from 10:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night, but this will vary according to the offer and the type of audience you’re looking to attract. Your best bet is to try different delivery times and slowly figure out which one works for your case.

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Track and Optimize

As with all digital advertising campaigns, you should set up a tracking system that allows you to collect information. Remember, you have to collect enough data in order for the results to be reliable. 

After you’ve received enough traffic, it’s time to optimize your campaign. Start off by identifying the creatives that work best and the delivery times that produce positive results. After applying the filters you have to, allow your campaign to run for the same amount of time before doing it again.

Find the Best Dating Offers and Traffic Source Today!

Mastering the delicate combination of push notifications and the dating vertical may be challenging, but they produce great results if you know how to use them properly. The tips above should help you build a better dating campaign and implement push notifications to their max potential.

Need more information on our DSP? Get in touch and our team will be glad to help.

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