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Pop-under ads were created for desktop computers, but they have slowly made their way to mobile devices. Today, this ad format is used by beginner and experienced affiliates alike, and for good reason. It gives new marketers a great chance to learn the ropes and seasoned vets can build great campaigns that generate a huge amount of leads.

While all of the above is true, building a solid pop-under campaign is not an easy task. There are many mistakes you can make, some of which can have a detrimental effect on your efforts. What’s more, these can be stopped from the beginning, which will improve your chances of getting the best results.

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Below, we’ll go over 6 pop-under ads mistakes you should avoid at all costs

When are Pop-Under Ads the Best Option?

Before delving into the mistakes you need to refrain from, it’s important to know when to use pop-under ads. Also known as on-click ads, this format allows you to craft massive creatives, making it ideal for the gaming industry and other verticals that can benefit from quality graphics.

At the same time, on-click ads are ideal if you’re looking to try out CPA offers for the first time. They’re great for generating leads or any other type of campaign that requires the collection of various pieces of information. 

That said, you also have to be smart about the wording and approach you use.

Pop-Under Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs

Today, you can use on-click ads on mobile and desktop devices. Although this is extremely helpful for affiliates, it also leaves more room for errors and solecisms, so you need to be careful when building your campaign.

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To help you out, we’ve listed six mistakes you should avoid and divided them into mobile and desktop mistakes. With this in mind, these are applicable to all types of pop-under traffic, so make sure you keep away from the blunders listed below!

On Desktop Campaigns

Desktop pop-unders are the original breed and users are very familiar with these ads. Therefore, you need to keep your content sharp and useful, even for verticals that don’t usually deliver valuable content through their ads.

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Bad Timing

Timing is everything in digital advertising, especially with pop ads. Pop-unders don’t interrupt users, but you still have to ensure your ad launches at the right time. If not, visitors may click out of the site before the ad is triggered or misinterpret ads that have animations.

Irrelevant Content

The biggest mistakes you can make with any ad format is showing irrelevant content. Remember, the user demographics, location, and website content will determine what’s relevant and what isn’t, so make sure you consider all of these when crafting your ads.

Asking for Too Much Information

Pop-unders are great, but they also have limitations. If you ask for too much information, users will likely click out of your ad. But, if you request the right amount of information, you may get a positive result most of the time.

On Mobile Campaigns

Mobile on-click ads follow the same concept as their desktop counterparts. When the ad is triggered, it opens a new tab behind the current window, which users will be able to see after they’re done browsing through the original website.

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Just like desktop ads, there are many mistakes you need to avoid in order to create effective mobile pop-unders.

Overloading Your Ads

One of the main differences between desktop and mobile pop-unders is the size of the display area. Although you should also be careful on desktops, you must avoid overloading your mobile ads no matter what. This will help ensure a pleasant experience and give your ad more credibility.

Offers that Aren’t Worth It

Although industries like technology, travel, and sweepstakes are all great candidates for pop-under, you have to gauge the quality of the offer. If users are not receiving something valuable in return for their information, they will not provide any details, regardless of how good the creatives are.

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Slow Loading Times

Slow-loading ads always perform worse than fast loading adverts. Instead of settling for slow deliveries, learn how to optimize your ads for speed. This will help create a seamless experience and let users get carried away by the quality of your creatives.

Create a Successful Campaign Today!

Pop-under ads are extremely useful and they can help you create a superb campaign. Just make sure you keep away from the mistakes listed above in order to increase your chances of becoming an on-click ads guru.

If you want to learn more about the different ad formats we have available or about our DSP as a whole, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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