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Affiliate marketing emerged in the mid-1990s and it has become one of the most popular forms of advertising since its inception. Today, 4 out of 5 companies work with at least one affiliate in order to improve the performance of their marketing strategy, and for very good reasons.

Today, this type of marketing is among the most profitable models because companies only have to pay for visitors, leads, or conversions when they are actually generated. Not only this, but products are promoted by an advocate rather than the manufacturer, which increases credibility from a consumer’s point of view.

There are many different tools and ad formats you can employ to create a successful affiliate campaign. Push notifications are among the most popular ad types because they deliver your content in a friendly way and tend to perform better than other formats.

It’s worth noting that push notifications are extremely effective when used in any vertical that has a lot of customers. But, this type of ad actually delivers the best results when combined with offers from certain industries.

In this article, we’ll go over the affiliate verticals that work best for push notifications.

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The Secret Sauce Behind Push Success

As you probably already know, push ads appear on mobile devices like any other type of notification. The difference is that push notifications are paid and can help you connect with your audience in a more direct way. 

Instead of feeling like they are seeing an ad, recipients are more likely to interact and find value in your advert because it’s delivered in the same way as their chats, emails, and other messages. Furthermore, you can use this to your advantage and craft ads that deliver your message without sounding salesy or pushy, which will ultimately reel in more conversions.

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What Industries Perform Best with Push Notifications?

Push notifications have earned a reputation for being extremely profitable. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use them with all offers. As a matter of fact, push ads perform best when combined with offers that come from specific verticals. 

The industries that work best with push notification include, but are not limited to:

Travel and Leisure

As a general rule of thumb, push notifications always work well with traveling and other leisure-related industries. 

In these verticals, consumers usually have a lot of money to spend and they are constantly looking for new equipment, accessories, or gear that make their lives easier when traveling. Affiliates can use push notifications to create engaging ads that spark intrigue and help these users discover new products every day.

Health, Wellness, and Nutraceuticals

Health, wellness, and nutraceutical offers are also among the best performers when combined with push campaigns. The health and wellness industry has always been a favorite for affiliates and push ads now allow marketers to reach consumers without setting off any alarms or creating an unpleasant sensation when delivering a message.

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Hobbies and Outdoor Activities

Although some consider them subcategories of travel and leisure, outdoor activities and hobbies such as sports, gardening, and woodworking are also great for push campaigns. You can even use rich push notifications, showcase attractive creatives that spark attention, and visually highlight the benefits of the product you’re promoting.

Luxury Items, Retail, and Fashion

Many affiliates prefer to work with industries that offer higher commissions per sale. The good news is that push notifications are extremely versatile and can be used craft great campaign in high-stakes verticals as well. 

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Jewelry, fashion, and luxury accessories such as expensive watches generally work extremely well when combined with push notifications. That said, remember that these campaigns need to have different goals because their conversion rates will not be as high.

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Gaming and Technology

The gaming and technology industries generate billions of dollars every single year and affiliates can use push campaigns to get in on the action. 

Gamers rarely ever stop playing, which means that they are always looking for new games and consoles. The same thing can be said for technology as consumers are always trying to get the most innovative devices available, so both of these niches keep growing at a steady pace.

Design a Great Affiliate Campaign Today!

Becoming a successful affiliate takes a lot of time and effort. That said, push notifications can help you build a campaign that delivers awesome performance, especially if you combine it with an offer from one of the industries listed above.

If you want to find out more about ActiveRevenue or how our DSP platform works, get in touch and our team will be glad to help.

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