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The affiliate marketing industry is worth almost 6.5 billion US dollars, and it constitutes a solid 15% of the total revenue generated by digital marketing. Becoming an affiliate is now a popular career path for obvious reasons, but the most difficult part is to make it as a successful marketer.

In this article, we’ll go over 8 affiliate marketing tools that seasoned marketers can use to polish their campaigns.

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What are the Benefits of Using the Right Affiliate Tools?

Today, you can find tools that are suitable for a variety of verticals and requirements. These can help you find the right keywords, generate attractive creatives, build amazing landing pages, and even develop automated flows that convert.

Needless to say, these can result in a better affiliate campaign. There are thousands of companies that work with countless marketers, so learning how to leverage the right tools will help you build successful campaigns right now and in the future.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for Seasoned Marketers

Experienced affiliates have been in the game for a while, but new tools are constantly being developed. These can add an extra dimension to your campaign or give you valuable insights you didn’t have before.

Here are our picks or the best affiliate marketing tools for seasoned marketers.

Ninja Outreach

One of the many valuable lessons that affiliates learn with time is that you have to play the long game. Adding value to your brand and working with fellow influencers is critical to bolstering your credibility. NincaOutreach is an awesome tool that allows you to do both through one single platform.

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This platform allows you to identify trending content and find relevant influencers to collaborate with. And, you can set up automated outreach emails so you only invest time into those who are interested in your proposal.


Having quality images is a must, and with so many free options available, paying for editing software isn’t necessary to great awesome ads. Stencil is a free image editing platform that allows you to create banners and other attractive creatives for your campaign. And, you can use their stock images and free icons to create images that stand out of the crowd.


Keyword research tools are a must and there are dozens of options available. SEMRush is regarded as the best overall keyword research platform by many affiliates. It has powerful features that allow you to find the right terms. But, you can also perform SEO audits and check the performance of the backlinks on your website as well as your competitor’s platforms.


If your website compromises your performance, you should consider upgrading. Instead of building one from scratch or doing it yourself, Flippa provides a safe platform to browse and purchase websites in a bid format. The best part is that you can acquire a site that already has a good backlink profile and hit the ground running from an SEO perspective.


Pre-landers are necessary for certain verticals, but building each one individually can consume a lot of your time. With Lander, you can choose from 100+ templates that can be fully customized via HTML. That said, you’ll want to brush up on your coding if you want to take care of all the little details!

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The email marketing and automation industry is almost saturated, but ConvertKit offers a great alternative for seasoned affiliates. If you have a vast library of curated content, ConvertKit can help you create a sales funnel through effective automation. Moreover, you have the ability to categorize subscribers based on their interests and send them personalized emails through a platform that’s extremely easy to use.

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Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a powerful email capturing and lead generation WordPress plugin that’s ideal for seasoned vets. Besides custom opt-in forms, you can also run split tests and show targeted offers to users based on different criteria. You can even assess the success of your efforts through its comprehensive reports in order to optimize it properly.


Everflow is a piece of tracking and analytics software that allows you to visualize data in more than 30 different ways. Instead of simply having a single set of data, you can decide what information you want and how to use it depending on your specific requirements.

Learn More About the Best Tools for Affiliates

Even though you may have entered the affiliate game when it was in its early stages, the landscape has changed a lot since. There are now more features, different offers, and most importantly, a huge collection of tools that can improve your campaign’s performance.

To pick up more valuable tips, stay tuned or get in touch with ActiveRevenue and our team will be glad to help.

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